Quick Poll: USD - Keep or sell?

In 2017, I went to the Maldives. At the time, I had only just received my Monzo Prepaid card, so was unsure how effective it would be abroad, and so purchased some $US.

Monzo card worked fine, and so a few of my dollars were only used for tipping staff at the end of my holiday.

I currently hold $330 in cash. I kept it as I thought I may, at some stage, visit New York. Didn’t happen, unlikely to happen in the foreseeable.

My concern is, should USA discontinue the notes I am holding, such as UK have with paper notes in last few years, I would no doubt lose my money.

So . . . . do I . . .

  • Keep the $$$
  • Convert $$$ back into £££

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Would be interested to see what YOU would do in my position :thinking:


If I didn’t desperately need it in £, I’d keep hold of it.

I’d consider it sunk costs at this stage, it was so long ago. Maybe it’s not worth what it was years ago, but it’s a good chunk towards your spending money next time.

Is there a real chance these aren’t legal tender anytime soon?

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The pound is weak against the dollar at the moment and you’ll get around £270. What did you pay for it?

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No idea how much I paid. It was June 2017.

A tentative enquiry in town suggested worth £285 today.

I’d forgotten all about it tbf.

Found them when checking my euro cash stash for next week :joy:

No idea tbh

I definitely don’t.

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I ticked both boxes in your poll :imp: :stuck_out_tongue:


It was supposed to be set for one choice only :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl:

Edit: just checked. Code states 1 :man_shrugging:

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I just had a look at historic rates - apparently in 2017 it would have been worth about £255.

So sounds like you’ll make a few quid


Interesting votes and comments atm.

Thanks to all who have participated so far.

I’ll close the poll about 7pm and then see where the general consensus lies :+1:

My concern is, should USA discontinue the notes I am holding, such as UK have with paper notes in last few years, I would no doubt lose my money.

Unusually for the developed world, the USA has never done this. Every† piece of US dollar paper money ever made is still legal tender.

(don’t come at me with exceptions about the Confederacy :laughing: )


If you’re gonna make money on the exchange rate since 2017, convert them back into sterling.

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Pound is weak and I fear will only get weaker. Keep the dollars unless you’re in dire need of some spending pounds.


I would convert back if you can get a decent exchange rate. I generally don’t think it makes sense to hold foreign currency ‘just in case’ unless you know for sure you’ll be going to the place again in the short- or medium-term. Otherwise it just devalues when you could use it now as :pound:.


Where would you recommend to change it back to GBP? I’m holding about USD250. R-

No idea yet. I just asked at the one I walked past today.

This lot get good reviews - by post anyway. R-

eurochange Reviews | Read 116 reviews of eurochange (compareholidaymoney.com)

That might not take you to the best page - this is the landing page for the site. R-

Sell US dollars & Exchange USD for GBP | US dollar Buy Back (compareholidaymoney.com)

Ther will always be a few for changing cash, so if you think you might use them, then keep them. Otherwise, wait till you meet someone who will use them and agree a price (saves them a fee, and saves you a fee).

That’s the kiosk I visited :smile:

Good to know. Thankls :+1:

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Is WeSwap still a thing?

Edit: It’s not for actual physical cashmoney.

So, most think I should keep the dollars for now.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Appreciated :+1:

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