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Are there any ATMs or cash machines in the UK that will dispense US dollar notes (obviously as a USD transaction so that Monzo can do the conversion). We are going to Africa and we need USD cash for visas so we need the readies before we travel. Any ideas?

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I think there is one in Paddington Station, I know it does/did Euros etc not sure about USD though never looked.



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do you not think the machine owner will do the conversion for you and give you their rate of FX ?

It won’t be Monzo giving you the mastercard rate :slight_smile:

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Does the visa office not take card payments? You can still ask to pay in USD using your Monzo thus getting the mastercard rate.


In many third world countries they won’t take cards for visas as it is a way for their Government to get hard currency western currencies cheaply

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SO many places are cash only. Before they incorporated it into the ticket prices, I was stuck in the Philippines as I couldn’t pay the $9 LEAVING fee.


That is incorrect, as far as Raphaels Bank is concerned. I have tested it. Yes, they offer “DCC”, but it’s optional. You can declined it, and get Monzo/Mastercard rates. There are plenty of TravelEx cash machines where DCC seems to be mandatory (at least I haven’t managed to withdraw without DCC), but Raphaels Bank certainly allowed me to withdraw some Euros from my Monzo card without DCC a few months back.

Why upgrade?

Almost every airport I’ve been in the UK has a ATM dispensing USD, GBP and EUR.

Not sure how they do the currency conversion from your card though.

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