How to report a scam website

My wife received a scam text today claiming she’d bee in contact with someone with COVID. The website is clearly a scam, though as we were in a bit of a spin sorting out documentation for a trip abroad, including COVID documentation, I can see how some might fall for it.

Anyway, my question is, how to report the website? Is it just emailing the address in the photo below? And what to say is wrong with it? I haven’t clicked it, so I don’t know for sure what the exact scam is. The Whois output is in the photo.

Yep. Tell them it’s a phishing website. I’ve busted the website and that’s what it is.

Report it here too:



You can also forward the text to 7726 (SPAM)


100% this.

The networks then investigate and take action where necessary given enough reports.

Very good site.

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Thanks. I just looked there (I’ll bookmark it for later, as the site seems to have gone, now).

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