Scam messages being received

Got a message from a short code number with the name MonzoGB, asking me to “confirm my email” by logging into monzo-connect (dot) com. Please keep an eye out.


There will always be scammers and it’s disgusting

If you could forward this to 7726 :relaxed:


Thanks, I’ll keep this number in mind for the future as well!
Although having said that, I have forwarded it to 7726, but haven’t yet received the response asking for the number.

That’s just a general number to send scam messages to, you won’t get a response asking for more information.

In the video on the website you can see that once you forward the text you get a response asking which number you received the text from. It looks like an automated response but I haven’t received it yet.

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yeah you should get a message saying please give us the nuber that sent the text , gona sound cheeky did you forward the scam text to the number

Yeah, I forwarded the text to 7726

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On the rare occasion I’ve sent a message, I’ve never had anything back :joy: so much for automation

Possibly they have enough information based on the sms. I’ve not used it in a long time.

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They usually ask me when I report to 7726. Although it may vary depending on your phone company- 7726 seems to report it to O2 for me.