Sorry android users

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #1


They know nothing. My S Note Pen will beat any glittery iPhone case forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

What has the world come to:
“Of course, there is also the “green bubble in text messaging conversations” issue to consider. There is always a slight sinking feeling when you message someone for the first time and the bubble doesn’t go blue to represent iMessage.”

(Scott Jordan ) #3

No way. I’ve had every iPhone since released. Now have a Huawei P20 pro and love it :+1:t2::heart_eyes:


In the iPhone world, you must already be married then ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #6

I wonder how many people decided to not go on a second date after finding out what phone they have… :face_with_monocle:

iPhone 4TW :heart:


At least the cracks in the relationship are not that important at the start…


I’ll stop now, I found the stats on that page too funny.

(Scott Jordan ) #8

Ha ha yep practically.

I was once sacked off for eating meat by a Veggie but never because of my phone :joy:

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #10

I dated a veggie once, pain in the arse. We had to stop going to some restaurants 'cos she’d tried all of their veggie options.

I vowed then never to date anyone with an eating disorder :wink: runs for cover


Vegan here and I actually know how frustrating it is to only have a Falafel wrap on the menu everywhere…