'Sorry about this' warning messages

Issue: Sorry about this’ warning messages’ appearing continually over the last few days.

Details to reproduce: Just open the app and wait a second or two. Close the message and it repeats in seconds.
OS: Android
Device: Pixel 7 Pro
App Version: 5.58.1

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I get this continually too, using Android and the same app version as you :expressionless:

There was a suggestion in the connected accounts thread a while back that this problem is related to refreshing connected account data, but I do not think this has been confirmed by Monzo…


Thanks very much for the information.
I’ve just removed the connection to two external accounts and the messages have stopped. So it looks like that is indeed the cause.
I’m not going to add the accounts back in as I hardly use them.
If you remove the connections to your external accounts and recreate them, that might fix it for you? I’m guessing you’ve already tried that though?

I’ve removed and added connected accounts in the past, but i’m afraid to do so again as the whole connected account piece seems a bit fragile at times…

I think today’s update had fixed it. Before that, i fixed by turning off external account customisation in labs

What OS / app version are you using ?

I’ve not had an update on Android today… still on v5.59.0