Something's gone wrong keep showing


I tried to activate/register my Monzo card(delivered by Royal mail) and in the later part of the process, the Android app kept showing the ‘Sorry about this’ page with the Something’s gone wrong.

I don’t have any idea how I can fix this.

Please advise.

Details to reproduce:
Android 14
Galaxy S23 Ultra
App Version:
Monzo 5.53.0


Same thing here. ‘Sorry, something’s gone wrong’ keeps showing, usually in the evenings. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the app when it shows, all balances and transactions seem to be refreshing correctly, it’s just annoying that it keeps popping up.

This is also happening to me constantly on both android and IOS

It is annoying


Out of curiosity, do you have ‘External Account Customisation’ enabled in Labs (from Home, tap on profile icon → Settings → Monzo Labs) ?

If you do, disable it & see if the issue remains or not.

That may have fixed it :rofl:

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Thanks for the update.

Credit to @Remi for discovering a pattern here.

There’s something going on in this area, although a new app version has just been released (v5.56.0) - does it still misbehave after updating the app to the latest version?

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No app update for me yet :sweat_smile:
Will test it once be available :smiling_face:

I raised the same issue last week, with a solution found.