Someone sent me $2 - Scam or not?

Someone sent me $2. I have no idea how they got my details but it went to my Monzo from PayPal with this message - is it a scam?

Have you done any research?

A quick Google suggests:

and they have a website here:


I searched it although the email doesn’t even contain the work hatched and when you press contact hatched button it’s a non English name and non English email and email server which made me confused since it’s london based

It’s also in dollars, if it was London it’ll be gbp?

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I’d take the $2 and ignore.


If you have to ask the question always err on the side of caution.

Enjoy your free $2 :+1:


Sounds like they want a load of personal information from you (these email receipts are likely to include your name, address, email address, partial credit/debit card numbers, etc).

There’s no way that I’d be handing that over.

No legitimate survey company would ever contact you in this way.


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