International payment rejected?

Dear Friends

I am a new enthusiastic monzo user but lately I’ve been trying to purchase an item in India from UK and they apparently can’t process the payment.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

We failed to process your order yyy-yyy from [xxx) because the attempted charge in the amount of zzz.zz USD was declined by your credit card company.

Possible solution:

  1. You credit card might be blocked for internet transactions. Please get in touch with your bank and ask to remove the block.
  2. Please make sure that there is enough money on your credit card to cover the charge. Some credit card processors do not use USD when charging. That is why the amount of the charge may differ a little.
  3. You might have made a mistake when indicating your credit card CVV2 and/or expiration date.
  4. Use another credit card.

Thank you very much


Hi @franci do you have any payment notifications on your Monzo account for this payment? If not, and you’ve confirmed all details are correct and the merchant accepts Mastercard then it doesn’t sound like it’s hitting Monzo at all. I’d raise it via in-app chat to investigate

Nope, no notifications. All the details are corrected. They accept mastercard as it was in the payment options.

I will raise it via app, thank you!

I noticed there is a lot of mention of credit card, not debit/credit card, so perhaps you can only pay by credit card?

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Well, I had used the debit card from my previous NatWest account and it was absolutely fine

Is the NatWest visa or MasterCard? Some websites automatically assume MasterCard is a credit card

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Natwest is Visa

This sounds like the merchant not recognising a MasterCard Debit card or they have not updated their BIN list. I have had issues in the past, with both Visa and MasterCard, when my debit card was rejected but a credit card on the same payment provider worked.

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