Daily balance alerts and upcoming bill alerts 📯

Quick idea for 2 things I’d love to see in monzo:
Daily balance alerts as push notifications. I had this with plum for a bit and it helped me hugely understand my spending and stopped me having that feeling of “I don’t want to check my balance”

Also, a little push notification to let me know a bill is going to go out would be useful for me, just so I can pre empt stuff leaving my account and male sure I have enough.

Loving monzo as joined recently :pray:

You get a push notification if there’s not enough money to cover a direct debit or standing order

Hi Jamie & welcome :wave:

Using the Bills pots feature would maybe help you with this?

Hi Jamie - welcome :wave:

The situations you’re describing sound an awful lot like me (‘not wanting to check your balance’ especially!)

Monzo already makes it super easy to manage any recurring paymentS you have. What worked for me was working out how much I needed for these expenses, creating a bills pot, setting up a regular transfer into it for the total amount and then ‘hiding it’.

You also get one if you DD is up or down vs last month.