Pay it now feature

Monzo now has the ability to let us get paid a day early, but how about letting us pay outgoings early too?

I currently have 6 items in my feed all being taken “X days from now”, it’d be nice to tap a button saying “pay it now” and Monzo would remove this money from the relevant balance/pot for you.

Ofcourse they would actually send the money when it was due, but in your eyes it’s done, paid and dealt with.

This has already been suggested. I’m on my phone so have a search and be sure to vote for it when you find it.

There were some interesting discussions about how this could and couldn’t work in that topic too :slight_smile:

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I think the big issue is direct debits because my understanding is that the company requesting the money dictates when it is taken. So you can’t pay it to the company early.

@krr13 - that’s why I included this little side note haha

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As a related point, given that (for me) the main purpose of bills pots is to not have to think about DDs etc. It will be annoying to see these notifications when I’ve already made arrangements to set the money aside. It would be nice to be able to hide these notifications (or in an absolutely perfect world, set a range and only get a notification if the DD was outside of that range).

In that case you could just use a committed spending pot. Your money is segregated from your main balance and companies can take directly from the pot :slight_smile:

Completely missed that :joy::joy::joy: