Credit Card Pot Notifications βœ…

Hi all, loving the new Credit Card Pot but was thinking it would be SUPER useful if there was a notification whenever money was moved into that pot. This would effectively provide a notification for any credit card transaction (granted once it posts but still). Currently I have about 6 different bank apps for my credit cards in order to receive mobile push notifications for transactions (helps prevent fraud/keep tabs on subscriptions) and this would essentially remove the need for that. I know Apple Pay has this feature baked in but for us Android users could be huge!


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I’ve changed the category your topic is in to US ideas so folks (and you) can vote on it!

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We’ve got the code ready for this, so a fix is on the way!


Hey :wave: I just wanted to let you know, we shipped this feature yesterday! Thank you for raising the feedback, hope the new notifications are helpful :hot_coral_heart: Glad to hear that the Credit Card Pot is helping you!!