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So I’ve got a few days free in September and I just want to go, lie somewhere warm on a nice breach and have some nice food but where would you guys recommend in Europe (preferably not super full of brits…)?

I can’t recommend Valencia highly enough. Loads of culture and a HUGE sandy beach

What food are you into?

If you like more complex dishes then Spain or Italy. But for simple, BBQ’d meats and fish, go to Greece (or Cyprus).

Ah I’m super easy/greedy :neutral_face:

Also. Slightly counter intuitive given your few Brits request, Málaga might be with a look.

It’s a really nice city with a good beach and given its proximity to Torremolinos, surprisingly few Brits.

Is it easy to get around without a car?

I love Malaga over the winter

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Absolutely. Cabs are cheap and the buses are frequent and plentiful.

I love travelling, and have only done so on my own.

I can’t give any recommendations though - I’ve only travelled to the west of the UK (I’m not a beach/warmth person).


Cádiz is your place! 1 hour train west from Seville and 0 brits (even closer if you can fly to Jerez

It doesn’t get better than this beach :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never travelled on my own something I must change sometime!

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I’ll second that! :+1:

Comes to budget really.

I loved Lake Garda in Italy. Riva del Garda largely full of tourists from all over Europe and easy enough to get around on bus/water taxi


Venice is stunnnning. There are also two long beaches - just get the boat to Punta Sabbioni or the Lido. (I personally prefer Punta Sabbioni as there’s a lighthouse you can jump into the sea from.)

I lived there for 5 months with no car - great transport links! Gimme a shout if you want any more advice on this :it: :pizza: :wine_glass:

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A wonderful off-the-cuff memory from last year was catching a cheap flight to Majorca for 36 hours and renting a car. Even though it’s a tourist-heavy place, finding secluded spots was straightforward.

I’m sure the same could be done anywhere!

Bravo! :clap: