European city breaks in winter months?

Advice for a long weekend trip to a European city? So far I’ve looked into Prague, Barcelona & Lisbon, all which look lovely, but any personal experiences or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thinking of going in October or November time.

Thanks a lot!

It might make more sense to go to to somewhere like Koeln, Vienna, Munich or Bratislava if you can do late November :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: Beautify train journey too.

Sevilla is also nice.


I did Barcelona in November and it was lovely - still warm, lovely to wander around, lots to do.

Also did Prague in a November and almost froze to death. Beautiful city but so much is outdoor stuff and with the short daylight hours it was hard to see as much as we wanted.

Berlin at any time of the year

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Budapest is lovely. I was there around February time. Nice small-ish city, and very good value.

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Ive been to all three and can say theyre are fantastic cities.

However only been to prague in the winter, it was really nice and the snow kind of added to its cool kind of vibe. The other two are more summery citys which id recommend visiting in warmer months to get the most from.

Krakow was also a good place ive visited in the winter and quite cheap so maybe look into it?

Went to Berlin last year! It was absolutely fantastic, would highly recommend.

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I’ve heard good things about Krakow, extremely cheap and lots to see, I’ll add it to the list.

Bloody freezing in winter though and not in a nice way like many other equally cold cities.

Budapest is lovely but if you’ve not been a few times before I’d definitely say summer first.

I have been to Barcelona before and absolutely loved it, so I’d like to take my other half there as she’s never been. Wondering if there’s anywhere similar with a warm(ish) climate that would be new for both of us?

Sevilla. Cold at night that time of year but gorgeous during the day. Where else have you enjoyed in Spain/Portugal?

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Have seen this cropping up too, will take a look.

Lisbon, Porto and Seville I have been to recently and I loved them all. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

There are just too many options!!!

Spain is looking favourable, so Barcelona, Seville or Valencia I’ve narrowed it down to.

I’ve been thinking about trips here lately. Never been but would love to.

Went to Valencia in June. Great city and amazing value for money.

It is top of my list at the moment! Lots to see @AStefanov ? & did you use a hotel or airbnb? & how expensive was food and drink?

Sorry for all the questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Barcelona and Valencia aren’t too far apart, I visited both on the same trip. Valencia is beautiful, though there’s more to do to keep you occupied in Barcelona (being a bigger city).

I think train between them was 3.5 hours. We were driving at the time and it didn’t feel like it took all that long, but I guess it must have.

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I got a hotel in the new town area via Expedia.

Food and drink is relatively cheap. More expensive close to the main square in the city centre but if you go into the side streets there are some lovely places that are great value - you’ve got to have the local paella.

Taxis are also really cheap and everywhere - no Uber unfortunately.

I’d also recommend going to watch a Valencia CF match. Obviously they weren’t playing in June but I’ve been before and watched a game vs Real Madrid. Amazing atmosphere and the steepest stands in Europe.

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Where else have you enjoyed in Spain before?

Pricing is standard Spanish pricing. Check the usual cost of living sites or restaurant menus for precise values. As ever, prices obviously depends if you’re just having unas canas :beers: or the menú degustación con maridaje de vinos at Ángel León’s Aponiente :shallow_pan_of_food:

Airbnb as always preferable to chain hotel ime.