The Great Holiday Topic 🏖️


I’ve noticed a few topics recently bring up the subject of holidays and I thought it was an appropriate time to start a dedicated spot for people to discuss where they’re heading off to, either home or abroad.

I’ve just finished booking a trip to Rhodes at the end of July for me and my partner. This will consist of me drinking Mythos beer and my archaeologist girlfriend telling me the importance of a certain rock :rock:

Let’s hear what everyone else is getting up to if they’re lucky enough to get away this year/next :thinking:


What a great idea.

I am going to Greece in July to visit my family and friends and then I am going to Canada and Martinique in August with my partner as he is from Martinique.

One thing I am not looking forward to is the long bloody flight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


In 18 days I shall be in Tenerife swimming with the Turtles and Dolphins :sunglasses:


I’ve never been across the Atlantic. People often ask if I’ve never fancied visiting America. I do quite fancy visiting America, but always say “No.”

The fact is, that the thought of being on a plane for more than a couple of hours horrifies me. I hate flying.


A couple weeks ago, I got back from Rhodes, was so good! Have loads of fun!

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You’ve annoyed the local mafia, haven’t you?


Well timed subject! I’m off to Corfu in two days time :sun_behind_small_cloud:

First time abroad in five years without Monzo though :eyes:

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It’s not the flying so much, partner once worked for VA so we flew very cheaply a great deal. It’s all the airport faff. Make sure your here umpteen hours before your flight, queue here, take this off, open that, queue here again, put that on, go to bar! Queue again to get onboard unless Upper Class [in which case finish champagne in lounge and then walk next door] pretend to relax and await bar service. R-


Kos for 11 nights in October. Never been there nor have I ever done more than 7 days away.

All inclusive of course.

Hope there’s some activities still going on at that time.

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I’m pure buzzing to go (besides the Mythos), it’ll be the first proper holiday for quite a while. Usually a city break kind of person but the prospect of sitting around in the sun reading my book and drinking cocktails is pretty damn cool :cocktail:


I’m already in Crete doing just this :tada::tada:


I hate flying too, in fact in the past I missed family holidays as I just couldn’t get myself on a plane! But I find that once I am on the plane it all becomes irrelevant as I stop being in control and my mind just goes into acceptance mode. A lounge pass helps with the pre-flight nerves, too.

And actually my first transatlantic flight this year was the best flight I had - I didn’t expect to get as many snacks, drinks and proper meals as I got given I was flying rock-bottom economy class.

As for upcoming holidays, I have a few long weekends planned for this year, all over the UK from Cornwall to Scotland, though nothing international for a while. Though I have done LA and Belgium this year already, and am planning NYC early next year (love off peak travel, so cheap!)

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Aw nice!

Feel free to make us all feel jealous with photos of the sunny island.


Global Money Account?

It’s been strange weather, but it’s Crete, so all is well :blush:


I don’t feel ready for flying at the moment so it will be a staycation (hate that word!). Somewhere in the British countryside that we’ve not been before.


Went to New Zealand in Feb for 2 weeks. Now that a long flight.

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A week in Majorca for me in less than 2 weeks. Can’t wait.

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Yep - all loaded up with Euro’s. I think instant notifications (which the main accounts have) will be the main thing I’ll miss.

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