Solo Travel

(Matthew Jones) #1

So I’ve got a few days free in September and I just want to go, lie somewhere warm on a nice breach and have some nice food but where would you guys recommend in Europe (preferably not super full of brits…)?

(Change Works) #2

I can’t recommend Valencia highly enough. Loads of culture and a HUGE sandy beach

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #3

What food are you into?

If you like more complex dishes then Spain or Italy. But for simple, BBQ’d meats and fish, go to Greece (or Cyprus).

(Matthew Jones) #4

Ah I’m super easy/greedy :neutral_face:

(Change Works) #5

Also. Slightly counter intuitive given your few Brits request, Málaga might be with a look.

It’s a really nice city with a good beach and given its proximity to Torremolinos, surprisingly few Brits.

(Matthew Jones) #6

Is it easy to get around without a car?

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #7

I love Malaga over the winter

(Change Works) #8

Absolutely. Cabs are cheap and the buses are frequent and plentiful.

(Liam W) #9

I love travelling, and have only done so on my own.

I can’t give any recommendations though - I’ve only travelled to the west of the UK (I’m not a beach/warmth person).


(Jorge) #10

Cádiz is your place! 1 hour train west from Seville and 0 brits (even closer if you can fly to Jerez

It doesn’t get better than this beach :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #11

I’ve never travelled on my own something I must change sometime!

(Change Works) #12

I’ll second that! :+1:

(Richard) #13

Comes to budget really.

I loved Lake Garda in Italy. Riva del Garda largely full of tourists from all over Europe and easy enough to get around on bus/water taxi

(Emily) #14

Venice is stunnnning. There are also two long beaches - just get the boat to Punta Sabbioni or the Lido. (I personally prefer Punta Sabbioni as there’s a lighthouse you can jump into the sea from.)

I lived there for 5 months with no car - great transport links! Gimme a shout if you want any more advice on this :it: :pizza: :wine_glass:

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(Nick Goodall) #15

A wonderful off-the-cuff memory from last year was catching a cheap flight to Majorca for 36 hours and renting a car. Even though it’s a tourist-heavy place, finding secluded spots was straightforward.

I’m sure the same could be done anywhere!

(Change Works) #16

Bravo! :clap: