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Can I call my account something other than my name so that when I make a transfer to someone it doesn’t appear as my name

No, that not possible to do. It is a legal requirement your name to appear as a payee or as a beneficiary. Monzo has no control over that. Hope that helps.

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Monzo allow you to set a “preferred first name”, but that’s it. And even then, I’m not sure if that can be anything/if it works for transfers.

Otherwise just imagine fraudsters calling their account HMRC and passing CoP when scamming people

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Just making sure: Are you using your personal account for business and wish it to show your business name on transfers?

Yes. I wanted to make occasional transfers from my Monzo account to my usual account and for them to show as my business name

Using a personal account for anything even vaguely business related is a great way to get your account closed down. Look into Monzo business accounts instead?


there is a free business account option so seems a no brainer …rather than risking freezing your account


I use the business account on the free tier and it works wonderfully. It’s got all the same benefits as the personal account, like refunds showing up much more quickly than other banks do. Well worth looking into.


Thanks. I will set one up

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Do you know if I can get a regular salary paid into it from my class 1 employment?

Why would you have a personal salary paid directly into a business account by another employer? Your salary is money which belongs to you, not to your business. If you need to put capital into the business, that should come from your personal account.

Edited for clarity.

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OP might mean Class 1 employment as driving Class 1 HGVs which they could be doing as a contractor through a LTD or as a sole trader in which case it’s business income

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Fair comment.

It’ll accept faster payments and bacs payments, can’t imagine it being a problem that it is your pay. Obviously check with your accountant or similar that you’re doing things properly.

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