Full name required for bank transfers

Any news on when this will be enforced for monzo accounts?

I’ve had messages from Barclays as a warning that it’s coming very soon and I’ve seen it mentioned on here last year.

Is there a date? And any detail on how accurate we need to be?

E.g. what if I go by my middle name instead of my first name? Can I choose what name people have to match to?
What if I go by Dave instead of David?

I ready close matches will be ok…but what constitutes a close match? And the Barclays emails made it seem like the sender may have more liability if they agree to a partial match and it goes to the wrong person

Any info appreciated :slight_smile:

Iirc confirmation of payee needs everyone signed up to Open Banking and with fully working apis.

Has Monzo made a statement on if they are supporting Confirmation of Payee?

I would say yes, I remember this post from a year ago

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Yup - we’ll be supporting it as the blog post above suggests :pray:t3:


Great news. I guess we’ll get a blog post/in-app message/email soon? :face_with_monocle: I feel like this change is gonna want me to have the ability to label Payees more. :thinking:

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Any info on implementation or dates planned? The major banks seems to have all published details and communicated with their customers but I’ve not seen anything from monzo

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