So Why does the Post Office refuse the Monzo Card


If they are crown post offices they all use the same system, if they are not, then the system they use will potentially be an older one. They all accept Monzo cards though, because the Post Office card payment system is nationwide it is only the terminal that are different, if they are refusing it, do what I do, just say I’ll pay by card, get the card out at last minute when the terminal says insert or touch your card. Happened with an old card of mine not Monzo btw.

(Paul) #42

My Post Office (inside a Costcutter shop) doesn’t accept my card either and they have no plans to either :unamused:

(Josh Bray) #43

Is it that the staff refuse it ? If so remind them it’s against MasterCard’s rules and you can report them for it. If it’s the machine that declines it then that’s another issue.

(Jack) #44

Had this issue in a Nottinghamshire post office. They have an issue with Mastercard (not just Monzo) but only for non-core PO services. So, I can use Monzo to pay for a parcel to be delivered, but I can’t use it to buy an envelope :laughing:

(Dave Berry) #45

My understanding is that Postmasters used to receive a salary, but now as old fashioned POs close and they move into shops etc. They work on more normal commission basis. So if they sell you a stamp they get 4p (or whatever), if they do a link withdrawal 25p etc. If you pay by card and they can process it as a link withdrawal they get two commissions, one from the bank and the one for the service you’re paying for. If they let you pay by card in the traditional manner they only get one… I see PO transactions appearing both ways on my Nationwide account.

(Anthony Bainbridge ) #46

I’ve just had my Monzo card refused by a sub-post office till, although there was plenty of credit on it. Is it known that Post Office systems don’t recognise MONZO?


Hi @afbainbridge, there’s been some discussion on this before so I’ve moved your question to this thread. Hope that’s okay!

Take a look at the conversation above, but I think that Monzo cards should be accepted for purchases like any other Mastercard - but if you try to withdraw cash over the counter that won’t work as each individual bank needs an agreement with the Post Office (and Monzo would have to pay them some money, too!)

(Anthony Bainbridge ) #48

Thanks for showing me the earlier thread. In the event I used another card. No doubt in time this little anomaly will be resolved. But I’m wanting to use Monzo for pretty much every transaction, and am therefore frustrated when it doesn’t run smoothly.


I would be too. This sort of thing shouldn’t happen :frowning:

If you have a few minutes, you could drop Monzo an email to with the details (location, what you were trying to buy etc) and they’ll work in the background to sort it out with the retailer.

(Anthony Bainbridge ) #50

Thanks - good suggestion - I have immediately done so.