So Why does the Post Office refuse the Monzo Card

(Aidan 🏳️‍🌈🐙) #21

When I used to use a Nationwide FlexOne account for banking I couldn’t use my card in my local post office to buy anything because they’re unable to do cash withdrawals on that card.
I asked the cashier, and he said ‘when you make a card payment at a post office we make a cash withdrawal from your account to pay for the transaction’

TL;DR - if you can’t make cash withdrawals, you can’t pay with your card

This may have changed recently, but I always carry change to the post office because of this.


EDIT: What @chalky said.

(Peter Shillito) #22



Are there still post offices that don’t take contactless? Never even though about it tbh as everywhere I know accepts it.

In London I think any retailer who chooses not to have contactless in 2018 would spend the whole day explaining why not to people trying to tap on their lifeless artefact. Maybe in a quiet village or something they could get away with not accepting contactless? :thinking:

(Aidan 🏳️‍🌈🐙) #24

Literally my internal monologue.

(Peter Shillito) #25

The original creator of this topic has this very issue

My local ones do take contactless/Apple Pay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if smaller branches never got updated.

(Daniel White) #26

A lot of places round here still don’t take cards full stop!

(Josh Bray) #27

Isn’t it against the rules of MasterCard to not accept a valid MasterCard?
Surely the only reason they can refuse to accept it if they believe it’s not your card, in which case you present photo id to match the card then it’s okay. I’d definitely flag with Customer service and they’ll get in touch.

(Andy) #28

Yes it is against MasterCard rules for a merchant accepting MasterCard to refuse any valid MasterCard card -


I find it strange that some people are saying post office and certain shops don’t take Monzo how do they know what card your using when you say you want to pay by card? or do you say I’m paying by Monzo card? because I’ve never came across any shop that doesn’t accept my Monzo card some say I need to pay a minimum for card payment other than that I’ve never come across a shop that says they not accepting my card because all I say am paying by card and pay simple

(John) #30

I’ve yet to be refused at a shop but I used it 3 times at the post office this week when I was posting birthday presents and had no issues!

(Richard Bairwell) #31

I guess this is a problem with the Monzo hot coral colour being so recognisable - shop assistants can see it in your hand before you get near the terminal.


Just do as Chistery says, don’t let them see the card.

I’ll have to see if I can use it in a post office and I’ll post back with an answer.

(Peter Shillito) #33

Would it be crazy to suggest painting over the card except the chip? :rofl:


Yes it would be crazy!

Hot Coral Pride! :monzopride:

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Didn’t have any issues with post office :european_post_office:


That’d explain quite a few things reported here.

What’s Monzo’s recommendation for this? Directly report to Mastercard or send an email to


Please let us know - we have a team that deals with merchant acceptance issues!

The long and short of it is, if they accept debit cards, a Mastercard debit card shouldn’t be refused!

(Allie) #38

That’s a massive violation of Mastercard rules and needs reported. It’s fraud on their part (fee avoidance) and will hit credit card users with cash advance fees and potentially hurt their credit rating (taking cash advances is seen as a sign of risk).

Edit: above it sounds like they may be doing LINK transactions, which would explain why they can’t with Monzo. I didn’t know LINK allowed counter cash withdrawal but nothing I said would apply if they’re using LINK. Then it’s their rules, which I don’t know, not Mastercard’s, that apply.

(Andy Powell) #39

Get a Curve card and pu your monzo behind that.

(Tom ) #40

I’ve used all the Post Office branches in and around Shoreditch with no issues at all. Very strange.