Going #FullMonzo without being able to write cheques & freely pay in cash

We’re currently with HSBC and occasionally we have to actually walk into the bank and pay in cash.

Once or twice a year we also have to write cheques which is usually associated with the schools or clubs the kids are involved with. Although this happens infrequently it is something we still have to do on occasion so would need something in place to handle these situations.

I know Monzo allows you to pay in cash but I begrudge actually paying to place funds in my account, even if it’s just £1. As far as I know cheques are not even a thing with Monzo so there would be no option to write cheques.

When the time comes for us to CASS from HSBC to Monzo we’ll lose our joint current account as there’s no way to leave it open when using CASS system.

So my question is what do other FullMozo customers do on the odd time they need to write a cheque?

I presume the answer is to use another bank? If this is answer can anyone recommend a bank where we can open a joint account that supplies a cheque book and doesn’t require a salary paid in every month? We’d also use this bank for paying in money and then transferring it over to Monzo for free. It feels a bit cheeky but I see no other way.


Many thanks



You already have one why not use that?

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Yeah, I can’t see any other way to write a cheque other than using another service. I haven’t written a cheque for well over a decade myself so can’t remember the last time I even had a chequebook, but if this is something you absolutely require, you’d need an account elsewhere.

As far as the cash fee, it really comes down to convenience.

I’d have to travel to deposit cash with a dormant high st account, and the travel cost plus my time makes the £1 worth it on the infrequent occasions I’ve been given any cash.


If you’re CASSing to Monzo, you could always see if you can open a second account with HSBC before that happens, that might cut down on on admin.

Otherwise, Nationwide seems to be popular and should give you what you need. But, if I were you, I’d probably just look at which bank is most convenient for you.


I see we’re flogging that horse again.

The obvious answer is to use another account for this but I’m curious…

I’ve never had a chequebook in my life (I’m over 30). Surely you won’t be the only person who doesn’t have one and can’t pay by this method? Have you asked if an alternate could be used?


When someone tries to tow the company line why not. Its a matter of fact and was brought up.

This should be possible for the most part, but you still find some places that are restricted in what they take from people. And it doesn’t solve there other problem.

I went full monzo from HSBC about a month ago for my joint account. I have a personal HSBC account that I’ve left open for dealing with incoming cheques. I’ve not had to write a cheque for a few years as my children’s schools accept online payments or BACS transfers. As for paying in cash, it’s not something I can remember doing in the last decade or two. If I needed to, I’d use the personal HSBC current account if necessary unless it was a sufficiently large amount that the £1 Monzo charge was irrelevant.

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Oh I imagine there will be but it’s a debate I’d love to have given the opportunity. Fortunately I’ve never been in that situation though :smiley:

On the flip side it could be that the OP has always paid by cheque and has therefore never questioned it. So they might not be aware that the school has “upgraded” and can now accept online payments or BACS transfers. You never know! :slight_smile:

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Tends to be cheque or cash the schools ask for

I tend to send cash and then worry all day if they’ve handed it in or lost it on the bus :cold_sweat:

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I wonder if this is an area thing again :thinking: Never had this personally but understand it happens :slight_smile:

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I cannot remember the last time I owned a chequebook and wrote a cheque … but guess it must have been around 15 + years ago. Same goes with depositing cash. Now if I sell anything, it’s either by PayPal or BACS.

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I haven’t had to pay in or write out a cheque in a while - mainly because I make a fuss to not pay in cash/cheque and pay via some sort of transfer.

For those instances that I need to pay in cash, I work out how much I need and take out the exact amount. For instance: I play badminton every Sunday and that costs £7 - so I take out £10 each time and then over the course of 3 weeks I have £9 in spare change which means the following week I don’t need to pay because I have that left over change, then the cycle continues.

Is it a bit of work? Yes. However it does mean I’m living a basically cash free and cheque free life.


Objective fact.

Subjective opinion.

Not my reality, my nearest PayPoint is a Co-Op where I also regularly shop, so when I’ve deposited cash I’ve done it there. No problems. Additionally - although there’s a Post Office much closer, I’d likely still deposit the cash at the Co-Op because I shop there anyway.

Given the amount of people that use our cash deposit feature, this is objectively untrue. There’s nothing stopping any of those people signing up for any legacy bank branch, and in fact, a significant amount of them will already have one and will already have the option to use it. I have a Santander account and a First Direct account, yet for the reasons I already stated, I’ll take the hit and deposit directly into Monzo.

I am aware that some people might find this illogical. But for me the trip to a legacy branch where I don’t need to use any other services and the time taken to queue up (both things that would also apply to a Post Office trip) easily cancel out the £1 fee, where I can get the cashier at the Co-Op to make the deposit at the same time as I buy some food.

And yet clearly it’s not a big enough downside to prevent people from signing up for, using, and loving the service we provide.

There are many things that we do not do. And there are things which other banks and/or services do better. Trying to please all people, all the time is a guaranteed path to failure.

If the lack of a feature or another company providing a feature that works better for you is a dealbreaker for you, then please feel free to use that service. Because the reality is, that’s always going to be the case no matter what we build. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time, and continue to build things that you know will cause further losses. It’s frankly irresponsible. We provide a service which costs us money and we pass on that cost to the people that wish to use the service, and it’s really that simple. If we find a better solution, we’ll utilise it.


Hey, it is what it is, you’ve managed to convince people that paying to deposit money when literally everyone else is free is the better choice. You’ve got good marketing, there’s no doubt about that, and obviously the more money you can generate out of people the better for my small investment in the short term.

Obviously though, its not for everyone, and Monzo isnt for everyone, its detrimental to the poor, etc. but, we have choice, and at the end of the day people can choose, your absolutely right.

Post office, i think that’s abundantly clear to everyone.


You keep saying this. Do you have a source for this fact you keep quoting?

Believe me, if I never have to write another cheque i’d be very happy. It’s just one of those things that I have to do on an infrequent basis.

If there was an option for BACS etc i’d use that, it’s not by choice, it’s just the way the organisations run things.

I think opening an account at HSBC before I transfer is the answer.



Haha no worries.

Glad you got some help among the arguing :rofl:

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If only you had a bank account which supported cheque imaging…


That was a typo - should have said cash. Literally don’t remember the last time I had a cheque!