Ok, so I’ve been with Monzo since October last year and been using the account as every days spends, and kept my Bills with TSB.
I have really been waiting for the Committed Spending Pots to be available before going full monzo, but after today with TSB i’ve pushed the button.

Last month I moved a couple of DD’s over to test the water, and had payment scheduled to go out from my TSB account to cover these from my Monzo.
Now I’ve got other S/O’s from TSB to my Monzo account and they hit by 1AM each day, but oh no today the most important one didn’t leave my TSB account until 2:30PM and arrived in Monzo by 4pm.
Now what a joke, I called TSB and checked what was going on and they claim their wasn’t enough funds in my account, but I got paid yesterday and there was well more than enough to cover the S/o for £55.
By this time the DD’s have bounced, so i’ve been going calling up the Companies and explaining the issue and they have been very understanding with me.
I’ve paid them with my debit card, and luckily i’m not getting hit with any additional charges.

So after this episode, and various others with TSB since their botched upgrade i’ve hit the CASS button and moving Full Monzo on 2nd August.
Can’t wait


Welcome! :monzo: :monzocard: :tada:

Boom :boom: - welcome - :monzo: will be a breath of fresh banking air!

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All aboard!

:train: :train: :train: :train: :train:


I certainly hope it will be :star_struck:
Hopefully im coming on board at the right time with the Committed Spending Pots in development now.

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Now is absolutely the right time - get involved with the discussions, the feature requests, the bug reports - the community is a great place to post your views and opinions, all of which help shape the Monzo experience :rocket:

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Welcome to the #fullmonzo crew @AR2018 :tada:

Good to have you on board! :train2:


OK so my transfer day is today, I’ve just been checking through the payees which have been transferred from my old account and the references I had set have not come across.
They all say “Sent From Monzo”, is this the correct behaviour for the payee references to not be transferred also?

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