Monzo Fraud sending me a new card... out of the blue

(Dafydd Thomas) #1

Got this notification just now that I’m getting a new card… anyone else?

Update: It sounds like to me that this is Monzo reacting to a data leak possibly? Something that may show up on

(Jake Tame) #2

Be good to know the retailer to stop going there surely?!

(Dafydd Thomas) #3

I’ve asked in support, and they are unable to tell me at this time. :confused:

(Dafydd Thomas) #4

I’ve only just started moving everything over using CASS :laughing:

(Nick) #5

If not a website hack, I’d guess a location where cards are being skimmed or the payment machines are otherwise compromised.

I’d also hazard that Monzo can’t say which merchant it is because of laws against ‘tipping off’.


This (apart from the rather verbose explanation) is fairly standard stuff, and it happens all the time that banks cancel cards as a precaution in those sort of circumstances.

With other banks your card is usually cancelled before the new one arrives, so nice to see Monzo taking the risk of not cancelling your old card first.

I’d also assume that monzo aren’t able to tell the precise merchant for legal reasons (also don’t want to be at the receiving end of a defamation law suit).

(Dafydd Thomas) #7

Anyone shopped at a certain green supermarket recently?

(#savetheseabass) #8

I like the explanation. With Barclays I got a ‘we’re sending you a new card. Start using it immediately’ text message. No other reason. I guessed it had been compromised but :woman_shrugging:

(#savetheseabass) #9

4 lettered one? Yes online and in store

(Dafydd Thomas) #10

Yeah I’ve had that one! But my card never stopped working :smiley:

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(#savetheseabass) #12

Might just be one location. I’ve heard nothing :eyes:


If this is card skimming (as opposed to online leaks, which I agree with @HoldenCarver is unlikely here) then this is usually done locally, and would thus only affect one store (maybe even just one card reader at one store).

(Dafydd Thomas) #14

Mind. Blown. One device? That’s amazing.

(Becca ) #15

I have had an in app monzo message and email about this yeah… And a letter from my real bank sending me a new card last week with the same vague message.

(#savetheseabass) #16

Agree. Would be major news if it was widespread. ATMs outside supermarkets are big targets or one device as you say.

Not something I’m concerned over. They’ll be bitterly disappointed if they target my account


Well, maybe multiple, but “one by one” if that makes sense. Pure conjecture, though, but this is what I’ve read regarding past, publicised events.

(Although, physical card skimming is difficult to perform in the UK due to chip+PIN. Usually they just get the card data from the mag stripe, and then have to use it outside the UK.)

You shouldn’t be: The bank is on the hook for any charges in that sort of scenario. Although, if a direct debit fails due to insufficient balance before the bank issues the refund, that could be a pain to deal with…

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I meant real in the molecular sense