Smart thermostats - any recommendations?

I need to stop looking at Nest thermostat sheets people have created and get back to work.

Some are working out the cost per day and cross referencing with the outside temperature / weather forecasts and all sorts to predict their bills :drooling_face:

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I’m predicting a Google Sheets IFTTT integration to top up your Energy Bill pot by your calculated daily usage…

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Oh I definitely use the outside temperature and weather forecast to help set the heating level!

I don’t actually get any heating bills though, which spoils at least some of the fun. It’s a communal heating system.

Some really useful information here. Something about the Monzo community that’s great for questions like this - so thank you.

At this stage, I think I’m now leaning towards Nest, and manually adjusting radiators. It seems like the least hassle of the options.

I also just noticed that Tado now charge £3 a month to use the automated features, which is a bit irritating considering it’s not exactly the cheapest system to begin with.

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You don’t have to pay the £3, from memory the best pay walled feature was auto turn off if you’re not at home, but you still get a push notification and the option to do it.

Because I’m pro Nest… We have this feature back again :tada:

When Google took over it was removed but since then they’ve rebuilt it into Google Routines which is like IFTTT.

So we use the Nest ‘home’ or ‘away’ triggers (which detects if anyone is home or not) not only for our heating but to also turn on and off lights around the house which is really useful. Not only to save electricity but as a deterrent for burglars.

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Looks like automated geofencing requires a subscription, which is a bit annoying. Getting push notifications almost defeats the purpose of an automated system.

I have it set on my schedule, so I didn’t want it turning off because I’ve gone for a walk around the block :rofl:

It’s me back being picky again :wave: :laughing:

With Google you can set the home and away status manually with a tap, or even say to Google “I’m off for a walk around the block” so this would tell it to not to turn off.

It would also learn when you like to go walk around the block and that you like to crank the heating up when you return. So to be more efficient it would adapt to your needs and not turn on/off.

On the Tado one, I paid for a full year of the Auto-assist. I think it was £21 or £24 for the year.

To be honest I quite like the way it works, I’d rather not pay, obviously, for it, but it does work very well.

In the app you can select an “away radius” from your location, and when you leave it, it turns the heating off. You can set the size of this radius to an appropriate gap so it doesn’t turn off when you’ve just nipped out to get milk

When you’re coming home, you can select what mode you want, but basically it will try and predict when you get in based on your location, and make sure the home is at your desired temperature.

I think in “notification” mode, it only alerts you when you’ve left the property, or when you’ve got back in, so it’s not like “the same feature but triggered with a notification” if that makes sense.

But I do like how it works.

And to be fair, from the data I’ve seen in the past, once the heating has “hit” the target, it’s slow to drop off without the heating on.