Hive Heating

Has anyone installed the Hive Heating Smart Thermostat? The reviews look great, but what do you think of it ?:slightly_smiling_face::cold_face:

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It’s a good system! Check out Nest too :slight_smile:

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Nest looks really good with its Active Learning but its nearly double the price right now (theres an offer on Amazon with Installation :upside_down_face:)

Hive is great we have the original gen at home. Brilliant tech.

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How’s the App, heard mixed reviews on it?

Absolutely fine. I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever.

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We installed Hive because our thermostat needed replacing and we had a home care contract so we only had to pay the difference, if that makes sense. We enjoyed using it until we moved out and decided to rent out our home and it got a bit complicated because there’s no way to transfer over use of the app so we had to just give our tenants our login details.

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Yup that makes sense. Yeah ive read that you register the Hive on an account and then anyone who wants to use the mobile controls needs to log in with that same email and password. I believe this is just a software quirk as Nest allows users to create other “Non-admin” and give them access, and ive seen it posted up on the Hive forums quite a few times so could possible be added to the app in the future :man_shrugging:

We have Hive and have had no problems at all with it since we had it put in over a year ago.

Definitely recommend it for the heating but my partner’s parents have the Hive camera’s and they constantly disconnect.

When I was looking for a smart thermostat I found Nest to be the best fit for my needs - it’s amazing and we save so much money now too. They always have deals coming up so we got one that came bundled with Nest Protect too. (like a smart smoke alarm but does a lot more).

Installation isn’t as expensive as you think, we just got a local guy round and he did it in 10 minutes - or if you’re savvy there is a great guide to do it yourself that is included :slight_smile:

Nest and IFTTT are the best thing ever too. Nest knows when nobody is home so this is my favourite trigger for things like setting the house alarm automatically and such :slight_smile:


Nest looks great too and the active learning and additional sensors are definitely a benefit. I don’t have any thermostat right now so installation is a bit more complex (ive had quotes of £290 for the Nest and Installation) whereas Hive is currently £180 with installation on Amazon. Not sure that much of a difference is justified or not :man_shrugging::thinking:

I give it to Nest on aesthetics though, that circular wheel design is slick :heart_eyes:

Ahhh ok. I’m not an expert at this but I believe that we didn’t have a thermostat before either. Nest comes with it’s own controller so this connects to the boiler so you can use the Nest device or app to control it. I’m sure the guy you got to look at your system knows a lot more than me though :sweat_smile:

I like the different views you can set. So as I walk into the room I can see the temp of the room but as I approach it, the display changes to show me what heating is set to :crystal_ball:

I don’t use the circle wheel because of the smart learning that you mentioned, it keep everything nice efficient automatically and works really well :smiley:

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That sounds magical :joy: :crystal_ball:

I’ll now have to consider whether its worth the extra money but seems like it probably is :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your insight, super helpful :relaxed:

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You can just have them log in with their free Hive account and link the Hive hub :slight_smile:

What are the cameras like on Nest? Does anyone here have any experience with them? We’re moving into a new place so thinking of some sort of plug and play app-based camera system.

Ooh, thank you! We will attempt to do this whenever we get new tenants.

I asked about smart home security and in the below topic some people mentioned Nest cameras.

I’ve installed Hive previous - it was designed by British Gas to fit straight onto most boiler control systems with a simple swap and no rewiring.

App and thermostat worked excellently, cannot fault it.

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Nest cameras are excellent, the doorbell works a charm and the indoor camera is really high quality.

As someone who’s used both, I would definitely recommend Nest over Hive. The Nest app is just so much simpler to use and an overall much more pleasant user experience.

Also if you just want thermostat control (and you’re not worried about hot water control), the Nest Thermostat E is a nice budget option (its the one I use currently), and its also designed so that you can install it yourself, so no need to pay those huge installation fees!