Smart thermostats - any recommendations?

Been thinking of upgrading my thermostat to a smart one. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I know most either go for Hive / Nest - perhaps they are pretty similar?

Tado also seems like an option, particularly as it seems like you can have smart valves on each radiator to be able to control rooms separately.

I’ve gone for Hive as our gas person only installed those. I’m not a fan of the look of the thermostat itself, it’s bulky and the mirror finish is a bit tacky. But I think they also offer valves with built in temperature sensors. If I’m not mistaken Tado requires separate sensors as they’re not built into the TRVs

Nest would’ve been my first choice but at the time it didn’t work with HomeKit

Mines Honeywell, it just sits under a coffee table out the way. Works well, can’t fault it. I either control it via the app or by asking Google Assistant to do whatever.

I had a tado and valves, returned it for numerous reasons and got a Nest instead.

Absolutely love the Nest and haven’t regretted it one bit. If you’re on iOS, you can get a Starling HomeBridge to add it to HomeKit as well

Nest learning thermo all the way, it is still one of the best ‘gadget’ purchases I have ever made.

Paid for itself in a year and still going strong. Installed it in early 2014, so 7 years so far, the family find it incredibly easy to use. Monthly energy reports via email are great. Remote control (via app or IFTTT) and automation via Google Home app is superb. Highly recommended.

EDIT: It’s so good you’ll branch out into other Nest products - Nest Protects (still awesome) and Nest Camera’s (expensive, given the options available), but they all just work with zero maintenance.


Thanks for the replies guys. Sounds like Nest getting the most praise.

Am I right in thinking you can’t do individual rooms though with Nest?

This was the reason I wanted tado, in reality its not ready yet, there’s a few software features you’d find desperately wanting/needing to be happy. Now we just use Nest but have altered the number on the valves in each room to suit.

Works like a dream

You’re right. The Nest thermostat (nice looking round thing on the wall or stand) connects via wireless to the Nest Heat link (installed near your boiler) to control when the boiler is switched on/off.

I’ve placed ours in the ‘living room’ area, which also faces the sun and is in the ‘foot-flow’ - so if no-one walks past it for a while, it’ll shut down (no-one’s here, so why heat?) - or - the internal temperature of the room is quite high, so no need for heating.

After a few days of experimenting with settings, it really is a set-and-forget system.

Best part? (not particularly applicable now, but) landing at the airport after an overseas trip/holiday, switching on your mobile data, opening the Nest app and setting to 24 degrees. Driving home and walking into a house that is… toasty. Bliss.

I love my Tado install tbh.
Controlling heating in each room is a big big win especially heating bed rooms through the day that dont need it.

Tado for me keep trying get the go ahead from the wife for the thermostats for each room :joy:

wait until the 4 pack goes on sale on amazon, I bought ALL my tado stuff on amazon sales, there will be a summer sale for example for prime people I suspect.

Nest all day everyday.

There is a good discussion on various smart thermostats in the below topic - certainly worth a read if you’re serious about getting one.

I got Tado because of HomeKit.

Then I never use HomeKit to control it and always use the native app anyway.

Nest looks cooler too. Maybe when I move.

The problem with HomeKit, for Hive, at least, is that it’s very limited. I can only adjust the temperature until the next change in schedule. No option for a temporary boost or anything

I’m not sure if it’s a HomeKit limitation (in which case I hope it improves with iOS 15), a Hive thing, or just I haven’t set it up properly

+ 1 for Tado.

I know there’s reservations for a multi room heating POV - but so far I’ve really enjoyed mine.

It’s maybe not quite set and forget like Nest, but once you have a schedule set up, the geofencing etc works really well.

I have a Nest thermostat and it’s great! It looks elegant, easy to use and forget about really. It learns your habits if you keep tweaking it. I also have Nest Protects too which are fantastic. I even bought a Starling Home Hub (not related to the bank) to integrate it with Homekit.

I have unfortunately removed my Nest camera’s recently as my rear Nest IQ Outdoor keeps getting water damaged in the, erm, rain. Nest/Google are fantastic at replacements too, but after 4 replacement cameras and many other users online with similar issues, I moved to Ubiquiti last week.

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They are indeed, never had customer service like it. Here is my experience with my faulty Nest…

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I’ve had a Nest one for years. It’s been great.

When you set it with Tado via Homekit it runs for the length of the manual setting you have configured in the app. Aka manual control time period as if you had set it via the TRV.

Hi there,

I would recommend tado as I use them for my home, this set replaced my Google nest.

The reason I switched was the individual controls on the radiators which you can easily set a schedule, plus multiple users can be set up on to the account, whereas Google wanted everyone to have their Gmail account.

Tado are constantly updating and even one of my recommendations got implemented.

Only draw back is the initial cost, I would recommend that you only buy when there is a deal on, I purchased via amazon when they were 40% off which happens very 6 months.

Only issue with tado is the Internet bridge, it requires an ethernet connection to your router and a plug socket.

Hope this helps and ask away if you have any questions.