Smart Home Gadgets

Hey All!

Question; does anyone use any Smart devices in their home? :house_with_garden:

I’m talking Smart lighting, alarms/security devices, sound systems etc. :eyes:

I’m a big fan of my airPlay speaker setup and Philips Hue lights but find myself spending way longer than I need to in the apps!

PS. If you have Philips Hue lights, OnSwitch is a great app for some cool themes! :bulb:

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Currently sporting 3 Phillips Hue lights, and 3 Amazon devices. One of them is in my car connected to a battery pack so I have Alexa calling in the car as well as the usual Spotify and Amazon Music.

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I’ve invested in Sonos and have two Alexa speakers as well as some Hue lights!

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There is a nice thread here :wink:

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Currently have an echo in the kitchen, and a dot in each of the two bedrooms. Looking at getting a nest thermostat in the coming months.
Potentially will get some smart lights for the hallway or something.

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Google Home Mini and some Nest smoke alarms.

Lighting is next for me.

I’ve had SmartWife 1.0 for over 20 years, but it’s now very slow to respond, and some functions I really liked are no longer supported. Should I upgrade?


I use smart lights form Ikea, they work really well… work with HomeKit too :slight_smile:
I also use some smart plugs from Elgato and Smart Temperature…

I’m thinking of getting a smart thermostat when summer is over too :slight_smile:

Echo Dot connected to a Sonos in the Living Room.

Basically used as a glorified radio player. There have been some weird moments where a (non-Amazon) radio ad plays that refers to Alexa, causing the speaker volume to be minimized for a few seconds before returning to normal.

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I have two Echo Dots. Currently I don’t use them very much other than as speakers/ weather/ news. Ended up getting Spotify premium as a result of that purchase. I wish I could get into more smart home devices and things like lighting or heating, but there’s no point if I’m constantly moving.

Philips Hue
Wemo Plugs
Alexa Echos + Dots

Been looking into automated blinds/curtain just so expensive.

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Have Amazon Echos in most rooms in the house:

  • Mk1 Echo in the lounge
  • Echo Dot in the kitchen
  • Echo Dot in the dining Room
  • Mk 2 shorter Echo in the main bedroom
  • Mk 2 shorter Echo in my home office
  • Echo Dot in the car

Almost forgot…

  • Hive smart heating and hot water

Ikea smart lighting in the main bedroom, home office, lounge and dining room (All Alexa compatible)

TP-Link smart plugs on the lamps in the main bedroom, home office and lounge, and a spare smart plug that gets used for things like the Christmas tree lights in December, box fan in the summer etc.

Plan to add a Ring video doorbell and Blink wireless CCTV cameras (both of which have Alexa integration) in the coming months.

2 x Philips Hue white bulbs
1x Philips Hue Go Lamp
1 x Google Home
1 x Google Home Mini
1 x Echo Dot
1 x Nest Thermostat

I really want a visual Google Home device, similar to Echo Show or Echo Dot. THere’s a few in the pipeline from third party OEMs but I’m anticipating Google announcing their own at IO next month.


Here’s mine…

4 x Sonos Play:1’s
3 x Philips colour lamps
2 x Nest Protects
1 x Ding smart doorbell
1 x Echo dot


Genius thinking there! Alexa on the go! Like an onboard JARVIS! :joy:

The more I see echo’s and Dots in use the more I’m tempted!

I was amazed when my mum decided (of her own accord) to have HIVE installed in her house and I love the control! Not so much the lack of integration with things like Apple’s Home app so in hindsight I’m sure we could have found a better fit. But can’t complain, the app is great enough!

Getting her to use any tech was once an unimaginably slow task so an iPad is the best we’re doing!

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That was my intention haha. Works surprisingly well.

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2x echo dots
Google mini
Ome (formerly ding) smart doorbell
A lot of Phillips hue
Logitech Harmony hub
Hive Thermostat

What should I get next :thinking:

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Look here for ideas

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Chromecast, smart plugs, security system, speakers, cameras there are so many!