Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Just out of curiously, what’s your preference (if any)? :thinking:

Google home! I’ve got an Alexa but just got on with Google Home easier…

Google Home all the way. I already use Google services for most things anyway. It doesn’t make sense to me to use the platform of a company whose sole purpose is selling things.


I use a lot of Google services so Google home made sense for me :+1:

Google for me :smiley: It integrates so seamlessly with all their other services :smile:

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Google. Although it doesn’t completely work with my Gsuite account :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Another vote for Google Home. Bought a home hub during Black Friday and it’s great! Just need a mini now for the bedroom.

I want Google, but my Dad has Alexa and we’ve run out of ports whatever that means.

I can’t wait to get my own place.

I’ve tried both.

Both are fine really for most of the stuff I use them for - catching up on news, streaming music, and timers in the kitchen.

I’ve only got Echo’s at the moment because Alexa integrates with Sonos and is built in to some of my Sonos speakers, and because I wanted the Echo Show before the Google Home Hub was released. Will re-evaluate when Google Assistant gets added to Sonos.

Edit - actually what I really want is Sonos to release something like Echo Show/Google Home Hub.

Google Home, for sure. It’s just way superior to the Echo. The last thorough tests had it at something around 80% accuracy whilst Echo languished around 50% and Siri lower than that.

I presently have :

1 x Google Home (Living Room / Office)
2 x Google Home Mini (Bedroom and Hallway)
1 x Google Home Hub (Kitchen)

I’d have a Home Max too if they weren’t so expensive.

I feel like I’m going to be controversial. I love my Alexa. Use it with my tv and amazon fire all the time. Love it.

I am a Google guy too.

I have a home hub and a mini, but also have two echo dots! I like to mix it up! To be honest they both work fine, but I find Alexa struggles to answer some questions where the Google kit just reverts to Wikipedia if it doesn’t know the answer!

I have may google home devices around the house.
We used to have 2/3 Alexa devices but they were packed away after we switched.

I’d like to switch to google home but I’m already deep into the echo device lineup.
Have a few dots around the house, seems a silly expense to replace them all imo.

I personally use Google home and definitely recommend it. Being able to Chromecast to the device is so useful and if you’re already in the Google ecosystem then it’s even better.

Google Home, without a doubt! I currently have…

2 x Google Home
1 x Google Home Hub
6 x Google Home Mini

I’m sure Amazon Echo is also good but I’m deeply embroiled in Google’s ecosystem :smiley:

Google all the way! Just works in my opinion.

4 x mini’s
1 X hub
1 X home max (sound quality is amazing)

What they :point_up:said. :joy::rofl::joy:

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I have the same as you, without the Max yet. My family all have their own accounts so when they come to stay they can play their own music.

Think the Max is next for my lounge.

We found Google Home to be more accurate in knowing what we were asking and also being more useful (alarms/timers, random searche, home control and the new ‘broadcast’ ability and IFFT integration with Slack is useful for intra-home communication/when wife is at home and I’m at work). I know Alexa is alright for things like home control but we found the Echos more for basic lights on/off and audio book playback. Alexa doesn’t seem to cope well with multiple Amazon accounts (so if I place an order and ask ‘where’s my stuff’, it checks my wife’s account etc) whereas Google has per-user settings. We haven’t really used Alexa in the last few months though despite having 2 Echos (and 2x Google Home devices).