Small Pleasures in Life

I have finally been able to do something I have wanted to do for so long.

I had a call from my energy provider, and they said they needed to put me through security. I refused, and said because you called me, I will put you through security. They surprisingly said OK (perhaps they are becoming more used to this?).

Told me they could give me my date of birth and email address on the account. I said OK. They got the year of birth spectacularly wrong (over 50 years out). They got the day in the month wrong too. She didn’t seem too phased when I said they had failed my security check, again, are they getting used to this?


Did she just hope to guess your DOB?

Are you actually sure it was your energy company??


No. It was ‘my’ energy company in that she said she was from EDF (correct), but no way of knowing if the person actually worked for them.

I’d just tell them to email me without continuing the call.

If it was important they’d email.

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They’re scams like this and scam centre have started guessing when you question them.

I had one last week about a washing machine. I asked the brand I have and she got it wrong and then said i misheard her and she switched brand and it was still wrong and she surprisingly said the worker wrote it down wrong so they need to update it and if I can tell them the information.

Then before that I had one claiming they’re Sky when I’m with virgin. Same again. Asking for personal details to pass security

I always hang up

Edit: thinking about it. I had one from a energy company too. All I could hear was people laughing and clapping from which I assume was someone in the centre managed to successfully scam someone.

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Only EDF can get things so spectacularly wrong, so I’d be saying “OK, it’s you, you’ve passed security”.

Seriously, though, I was with them a few years back and ended up with somebody else’s bill when I tried to download mine.


To be clear, I’m not asking for advice. It just gave me pleasure to do it :+1:


You should have asked them for a phone number to text a 6 digit verification code to.


This is wonderful! :joy:

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DM me VHGF7Q from the official verified company twitter account.

Sidenote: One time, a few years back I had a call from That Spanish Bank where they guy said they were calling from my bank (but couldn’t tell me which one) and kept asking for my Name, address, and confirmation of what Bank I was with. So, I thought it was a scam and hung up…

…Turns out it WAS my bank, and this then caused them to lock me, and then themselves, out of my account, lie about doing any of this for five days, then unlock me as if none of it had happened…

I really enjoyed taking them, successfully, to the Financial Ombudsman for that :joy:


Just had British Gas call me and instantly thought of this thread!

I told her I wasn’t going to verify myself when she’d called me and she was perfectly understanding and verified herself first.

Maybe this is becoming more common?

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