Ridiculous Energy Bill

I left my old property last week, and just got a letter off scottish power saying:
Your final electricity statement for 24 November 2018- 01 January 2019
Your account balance/final statement : £346 ?!

" Please call us with meter readings so we can confirm your final balance "
and then says its " estimated "

whats going on here ? I was living in a one bedroom apartment.
How on earth can the morally think it’s right to try and charge me £350 for one months electric ?

My advocate has sent them my actual meter readings so im hoping for this to take effect before the money comes out my account,

As it’s an estimate I’m sure it’ll be corrected once they receive the meter readings.


Yeah they just need the readings and it’ll be sorted, nothing to worry about


If British Gas and you were not submitting regular readings you may have not been paying enough and been in debit which has built up over time and now you are leaving they want paying.

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One thing to bare in mind…
Are you sure it’s not a credit?

May be worth checking. If you paid via direct debit this can happen.
In theory the supplier is supposed to adjust the direct debit amount so you end up with a balance of £0 although this doesn’t always happen.

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Did you not provide them with final readings when you moved? Whenever you move always provide final reading just before you close the door on the property, take a photo of it and ensure it shared with the landlord :ok_hand:

Yes my advocate has done this, probably after the letter was sent :slight_smile:

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Resubmit that closing reading and should all sort itself out

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the actual reading is

Does that sound right ?

It depends on your usage, previous readings, tariff. They are just numbers to us.


a KWh of electricity costs about 15p ish to supply depending on what tariff you’re on / when you use it - and then there is a standing charge to add on around £80 - £100 / year



the actual reading is

and the estimate is :

Ok thanks guys. I’ll have to wait until i speak to my advocate then

out of interest I dug out my energy bill for dual fuel usage last year. I used £429 of electricity in a 4 bed house alongside £693 of gas - £93 / month including standing charge - so dependant on your usage it does seem a tad high for one month, depending on what you’ve been using, when you’ve been using it, how long you’ve been using it etc etc etc

ok thanks.

The fact they have over-estimated by 10,000 units on one of my readings should explain the large bill right ?

Without knowing what the readings are for , its difficult to say but you’ve said that the actual readings were 20300 somethings and 36326 something else - Electric / Gas - or previous electric / current electric :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: ???

without actually knowing what the readings are cant help much more - hopefully it will sort itself out, good luck


think ones night, and the other is day.
both electric, no gas.

Did you submit meter readings when you moved in? Or have at some point during your contract submitted them?

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so the estimate does sound like its way over what you have used, so should see a reduction from your £300+ bill

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I think my advocate has ( he looks after my finances ) as he has asked me recently what my readings are at my old place and new place.

was on hold for 30 minutes to these clowns and they didnt even answer