Sky or Virgin TV, which is best in your opinion?

  • Sky TV
  • Virgin TV

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I don’t have virgin myself but have used it at families house and sky hands down . The on demand and pvr functions have been a life saver during the lock down

Got a good deal on the movies pack for £6 per month which is cool

It’s probably more about which one have you got?

It’s such a major faff to even think about swapping that I doubt many bother. So the “other” one might have merits you don’t even know about.

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I don’t have Sky - too expensive.
I can’t have virgin!

Instead I have BT TV which I’m happy with.

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As someone who’s had both, in my opinion Sky Q is a million times better than Virgin TV. The broadband services are debatable but not sure there’s even a question when it comes to tv


I can’t be the only person who doesn’t see the need for either right?

Netflix, Prime Video and the free to air channel streaming services have so much content on them, add in Freeview for live TV.

Whenever I want to watch sport, I’ve got the BT Sport pack and NOW TV.

Is there any particular content you’re looking for @Venomx or do you just want a pay TV service? I feel like the answer to the question should be guided by the shows you’re after.


We’ve been all streaming for a few years now but back when we did pay, Sky was miles ahead of Virgin. And that was regular Sky+, not even Sky Q, which is an even nicer experience.


This a question about which is better, right? Not about availability or affordability or even personal preference. Undeniably, unarguably Sky Q.

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Having used both over the past couple of years, I
in my personal experience:

Sky: Better range of content, slightly nicer UI, very stable (once it’s set up it just ‘works’) and a lot of features that I’d actually use.

Virgin: Just don’t. . . Inferior in all the above points but also crippled by an apocalyptically poor customer service set up. Easily the worst I’ve ever dealt with.

(I now use neither - a combination of various steaming platforms and a Now TV box for the occasional football match I want to watch is far better for how I watch.)


Sky Q has a much nicer experience in terms of TV. Virgin typically has faster, and often better, internet, though I wouldn’t use either for internet.

These days all of my tv watching is done via streaming services. Usually Netflix, sometimes Now TV if sky ever show anything good these days. Apple TV+ has some really good content too, though not much content as a whole, and some is available for free right now. I recently got Disney+ too, which was the only gap for me in terms of content compared to sky/virgin.

I have Amazon Prime Video too, but only because it comes with my Amazon Prime subscription, I’ll occasionally watch stuff on it, and subscribe to the itv channel whenever there’s a new Ant & Dec or Martin Lewis show on, but I could live without both.

I find the app based streaming experience much better than traditional TV. Less boxes, less wiring, can use any of my devices, the experience is usually better, and it’s much cheaper.


Had freeview for a number of years after leaving virgin which was terrible, the virgin box we had was slow and clunky but got sky last year which has been a million times better. I think we pay about £35/month which includes cinema and Netflix so quite reasonably priced I think

I don’t use either Sky or Virgin for TV. For paid-for TV I prefer dipping in and out of Now TV, BT Sport and Netflix subscriptions. Also always have Amazon Prime.

Who do you use for internet?
I’ve used Virgin internet for many years and have been pretty happy with it.


How much does that end up costing though? BT Sport isn’t cheap and then isn’t it £10 for 24 hours for sport?

I have Sky and all the channels but I watch so little of it on the paid for channels, I only keep it for the sport really.

Depends how you are able to access it.

If you are an EE mobile user you can get phone/tablet access to BT Sport for £10/month or big screen access for £15/month How can I watch BT Sport with EE? | Help | EE

Apart from free/bundled access for BT internet subscribers I think this might be the cheapest way to access BT Sport, but interested to know if anyone knows better.

The way I get Sky Sports via Now TV for most of the year is to purchase a Sky Sports football season pass - costs £200 for 10 months.

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Anyone subscribing to sky sports can “pause” their subscription until the footie starts again. You even get to watch the sports channels even when not paying … Someone posted it before. Should save you all some money

BT Sport is £5 extra on our BT bill.
NOW TV averages around the £22/month price. I usually get the F1 season pass which this year was offered at £198 for 9 months.


Tip for now tv customers who use sports . If you go through the cancellation process online they usually offer a considerable discount

Not sure about movies and entertainment though


That’s exactly what I usually do to fill in the gaps when football is on but Formula One isn’t.

Even in the worst case scenario paying the full £33/m price for 3 months then £198 for 9 months that still averages at only £24.75 a month.

I imagine paying for a base Sky subscription then adding sports to that works out as more.

£16 for sky sports and £5 for the uhd is what I get for the whole contract which isn’t bad

But yeah I think you need the base sub as you said

So you’re only paying £21 per month?

Looking on the Sky website at the moment it seems the cheapest way to get sports is on a £52/month contract which is over double what I’m paying through Now TV.

Breaks down as:
Sky Sports: £21
Sky Signature (base TV package): £23
Ultimate (Netflix, doesn’t seem to removable): £6
Sky Sports HD: £2

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