Sky Q - Your Thoughts?

Had my Sky installed this week and really impressed with the pricing, amount of content, stability and function to voice search for channels instead of having to wade through pages of channels to get to where you want.

I had Sky back in 2006 and they seem to have improved ten-fold

I think it’s really great. YouTube, Netflix and AirPlay audio built in is really excellent as well in my opinion. Plus the discounts they offer are generally pretty great.

Being able to stream live from your box to your iPad in the house is useful as well

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Which is the best remote? I have the newest one which has buttons rather than touch sensitive.

I have mine incorporated into the Harmony Hub so prefer to use the Hubs remote :slight_smile:

I find the touch sensitive one annoying, you can catch it and all of a sudden the programme you’re watching is rewinding.
(I have the remote next to me on sofa while watching tv)

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Interesting you say that, I was researching the touch remote. But would rather stick to the buttoned & voice one.

I had Sky for years and years. When I moved two years ago I decided not to have it installed. Can honestly say I haven’t missed it one bit!

I have the touch remote and I love the ability to control the speed of rewinding/fast forwarding with the touch pad. You can go faster than than the x6, x12, x30 etc too.

The same thing applies when scrolling through the tv guide.

Is that still a thing on the newer remotes?

I’ve been a sky user for 14 years & had an offer of £20.00 to upgrade to Q when my contract came time to negotiate. The product is good & the montly price has only gone up about £2.

What I am not impressed with, its now Sky policy if you negotiate anything with them on price, that they will charge you £10 to do so. An admin charge. What the hell???

I’ve been with them for around the same amount of time as you too. Just complain about the admin fee enough and they will wavier that too or do an equivalent deal on your package. When I did it I got sky movies free for the next 6 months so saved £60 if I paid the £10 “fee”.

All I keep doing is adding these end dates as reminders on my phone, so I’ll just ring up and ask for discounts again :smiley:

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I’ve also found the £10 fee to be negotiable depending on how hard you push. I think they manually add it.

Wish I kept SkyQ, went to Virgin in July and personally it’s horrendous, records random shows even sidelines links records every episode old and new unless you edit it where as sky just the new ones, and I miss Sky Atlantic :joy:

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Has to be the worst set top box.

Ditched Virgin’s TV package a few years ago and bought a BT Youview 4k box from Amazon and use it for Freeview stuff… miles better :slight_smile:

The Sky Q box is pretty impressive in its usability. Fast, easy to switch through, the recording functionality is top notch. The basic functionality just works. The eco-system starts to fall over a bit when you get a bit advanced. The whole draw for Sky Q was being able to record on one and watch another. You need solid wifi for this to work well. Wifi in my current place is spotty at best, I swear the house is made of lead. In the end I had to invest in powerline adapters and trick the Sky Q box into using them. As I understand it you can enable powerline functionality within the Sky Q boxes now without any extra adapters, which is great.

Love SkyQ and especially now it supports Netflix.

One issue is the catchup is extra if the show aired > 30 days ago costing extra. Dont like this if im honest because to me this doesnt mean I should get the “Boxsets” pack, just means i missed an ep and want to “catchup” :frowning:

That’s just a settings thing.

I turned off the auto download of recommended shows or whatever it’s called.

I was in the same predicament, thought everything on catchup was included but it’s not… however Boxsets are only a £5er extra each month

Sky Q - make sure you have great internet if you are using the smaller boxes to other rooms. Sadly, ours has been pretty pants due to poor internet in the countryside of Ireland. If you could hardwire in the smaller boxes it would be amazing but sadly the smaller boxers are using wifi so it’s classed as streaming.

Hey Chris,

Just thought I’d be helpful and let you know that you certainly can hardwire the Sky Q mini boxes!

Basically, you run the main Sky Q box to the router via ethernet cable, the Sky Q mini boxes to the router via ethernet cable. You can then disable the Powerline and Wifi options for the Q and mini boxes in the hidden installer menu, re-pair the boxes and it the Q system then runs entirely through network cables.