How much do you pay for your broadband?

Currently on a deal with bt ( £20 off each month ) and it comes to £36 or so for Infinity 2 @ 70mb

Just want to know what sort of prices other people pay for their service ?



100mb virgin broadband, free virgin tv (no telephone line needed) for £36 a month :slight_smile:


Are you in a cable area (virgin media) they do impressive speeds and good deals for new customers if you ring up and speak to sales :slight_smile: or sign up via you can get around £100 cashback if keep checking for promo.

We pay a lot here though, 350mb for £45 virgin.

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100mb, tv and phone £29 Virgin


Lots of Virgin users then.
Not living in a Virgin area, in my new place or my old one ! No idea why.

100mb Virgin Broadband (no phone or TV) £22 per month. Contract runs for 12 months, discount has been applied for 18 months.

400mb down 30 up KCOM
Fully unlimited

Can go to 1gbps for £55


£21.99 for FTTP 80/20

I’m so jealous! Currently I’m living in Canada and because of where I live, there is only one broadband provider (most of my city has two available) and its 150$ a month! But at least it’s 925 down and 700up.

FTTC can handle 80/20 though can’t it ?

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FTTC can go much faster than the products Openreach sell. With G.Fast you can go up to 330 on Openreach

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£39.98 to be spanked by PlusNet every month. Supposed to get up to 76mb up and ~20mb down. We get the down speeds but never the up. Don’t live in a Virgin area otherwise I’d be with them.

A man can dream though.

£18.99 line rental
£20.99 for the fibre
Line rental needs to piss off!

Offt I’m on PN as well! Get on a retention deal!

Apparently that’s the best they could offer when our contract was up last. It’s reminded me I need to check when the current one runs out actually.

£20 for Vodafone. It’s only 38MBs I think. But fast enough. That includes line rental.

I pay 21 and get 76mb with Vodafone

Zen - unmetered 64Mbps

Been with them for 2y now, been very good until a few months ago, been having constant packet loss. Haven’t asked them about it yet

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I don’t pay line rental as I don’t have a voice line or phone number so that might be why. Not sure what I’d be paying if that was added on :thinking:

I’m with Virgin - Broadband Only (no pesky package deals).

200mbps Package

£45 / month.

Run a speed test every now and again and it is consistently in the 180-200 range.

Apparently I need it. I have no landline phone to use though.

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