Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Not fully looked at the specs / offering but can see these been maybe quite popular :thinking:

I like that a lot, shame we redid our Q package last week

It looks like it transfers your Q over to it

I’ve preregistered but the Sky Q package I managed to wrangle from retentions is just sillily good and not sure i’d want to ditch it but will see what they have to say :slight_smile:


QLED TV - yuk!


Same here.

If I ever decide to go back to a subscription service then I’d probably go with this. As it stands at the moment I’ve not used one in years now.

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Also think this looks quite cool tbh, not that I’ll be paying for Sky for a long time.

My favourite/least favourite thing is the semi-return of Kinect. Always felt like it was unfairly maligned (although agree maybe it should have always been an optional extra as opposed to default inclusion), and now here we are with Sky reviving it!

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I saw this email earlier too. The full page is here: Sky Glass. TV with built-in Sky. No fuss just plug in and play |

Sadly due to my rubbish internet I wont be able to take advantage of this but I believe that long term sky want to move away from Satellite and do steaming only, so this is their toe in the water kind of thing… hopefully 5G is here by then!

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Looks cool, although I wonder what the delay is between a satellite broadcast and the equivalent broadcast through this IPTV product.

It can get quite annoying if you’re watching live sports and some of your friends see the action a minute ahead of you.

Well, it’s nice to see (mainstream) broadband TV at last. But I assumed it would be another box (WWDC 2021 Discussion - #57 by davidwalton) not a chunky telly.

But still interested. Sky making it easier to pay for too - it is a compelling option.

I’ll have to absorb the tech specs to see what I’d gain and what I’d lose (especially audio related)
Big fan of simplicity though and this ticks all those boxes.


The big catch for me is that you have to buy their TV for the dongle to work. Seems like a super quick way to make it unpopular. Either you need a new TV or you don’t. And if you do, why would you limit yourself to these three? Hopefully they figure that out quick and start just selling the dongles.


I agree!

They tried to force people in a similar way with how Sky Q creates its own mesh network between boxes. You couldn’t use your own mesh network to get the boxes to talk to each other unless you either.

  • Got one of their booster boxes
  • Paid for their broadband

Eventually the Office of Fair Trading people (or whatever they’re called :sweat_smile:) got involved and made them change it.

So to ditch their satellite service they would have to ditch the TV package deal in my opinion or they may suffer the same fate.

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It does look good, with 3x HDMI ports for other sources and WiFi or Ethernet connection (and each ‘puck’ which would replace a Q mini has WiFi/Ethernet too) so potentially a smart move. 10Mbps down for HD and 25Mbps down for UHD is reasonable.

My interest is piqued & pre-registered.

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Only 43"?

Dongle? The Sky functionality is built-in, isn’t it? There’s a ‘puck’ if you want multi-room but it says that works with any TV.

No - 55" and 65", too.

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Thanks for the information. Have they hidden these sizes deep in the application process? I only saw 43" mentioned up-front.

I’ll be curious what it costs with a proper package with sports etc.

No just your eyes :rofl:

Plus just under that bit there’s an option up select the size and it changes the monthly payment information

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