Sky Glass and Sky Stream

They quoted me £43 pm. I only paid £120 for the whole year for decent home and contents this year. I also have most of the tech they are offering already, so it’s a thumbs down from me.


Its Samsung TV’s if I recall, the lower mid range.

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They wish :smile: It’s TP vision / Phillips

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Feels like I’m watching an episode of the masked singer! Who is it!?


Definitely TP vision / Phillips. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the smarthome stuff too, seems well within the kind of thing they do.


Gawd… I had seen mention before it was out of it being QLED which made me think it was a Samsung panel but I think that was rumour before launch.

My cousin is wanting me to help her get a deal from sky as she is set in her plans to get a Glass so I will get to see how it is in a home environment potentially.


I’m back and fourth on buying one of these TVs. I don’t really need a new tv though. I’m still fine with 1080p LEDs.

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My Soundbox is literally co-branded Sky and Devialet.


Sky are currently now offering a 1 month free trial of Sky Stream so I’ve just ordered it.

I’m assuming though that if/when I cancel after the trial the puck is basically just a pointless black box? You can’t use it at all without a Sky sub (ie - you can’t watch BBC/ITV. etc. channels on it?). Can you still download and use different apps on it (Disney+, Amazon Prime etc?)

If you could, surely they wouldn’t be giving them away so easily?!

It’ll become worse than a pointless black box. You also have to return it, according to the Sky promotion T&C’s:

“Sky Stream Offer: 1 Month Free Trial available to new Sky TV customers only. One trial per customer. Not available if you’ve had a free trial in previous 12 months. 1 Month Free trial begins once Sky Stream puck is activated. Sky Stream requires Ultimate TV, Sky Stream Puck and broadband recommended minimum speed 25Mbps. Sky Ultimate TV: £0pm for 1 month, then £29pm on a 31-day rolling contract. Cancel anytime. Sky Stream Puck connects to TV via HDMI port. Order by 9pm Mon-Fri or 3pm Sunday for next day delivery. Excludes Bank Holidays. 18+. UK, CI, IoM residential customers only. Sky Stream Pucks are loaned to you at no cost and must be returned when they are no longer registered on your account. Ongoing monthly prices and content subject to change. Content/shows/series available vary each month. Streaming TV account required, manage online at or via the My Sky app. Email address required for account login. Includes Netflix basic plan (RRP: £6.99). Netflix Terms of Use Apply. Access to Discovery+ at no additional cost for the duration of your Sky TV subscription (required).”

This is different to the T&C’s I’m operating under (I own the pucks) but Sky knows people will use them for a month and then stop with this promo. So getting them back to recycle to other people is a smart idea. What isn’t clear from the above is what happens if you don’t return the puck…


You have to send it back!

You missed the very brief window where they offered these for free as part of a subscription trial where you actually kept the box once it ended.

Still thinking of glass as a replacement for the current telly. We’re on a fully fibre line at home for broadband, so not worried about the picture, just still have a nagging doubt Sky are going to stay the course with it

I’m fairly certain that as long as Sky have been around, we’ve always had to check our contracts at the end of a contract or when upgrading to see if we can keep the old Sky box or have to return it to Sky because it is still their property. Depending on the age of the equipment involved, they haven’t always ended up enforcing it, though - but clearly in the case of sticks that are weeks old and could be reassigned to new customers, it absolutely will be enforced.


My cousin is hopefully getting one soon so I will post back thoughts when it arrives.
We had one hell of a job ordering though and it still has. It gone through yet due to a technical fault on her account.


Look forward to reading your thoughts!

Sky Glass is still hot on my radar and can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly impulse bought once since they added support for Bluetooth headphones and dramatically improved picture quality through through better out of the box calibration thanks to a software update.

I don’t need a new tv. I don’t.

Aqara works with Homkit, natively, unless they stripped it away, least with my internal camera anyway - it’s a shame they don’t make external cameras

So, just got my box delivered. Checking the T+C’s the puck is actually a loan device for anyone signing up and isn’t just because it’s a 1 month trial. So, anyone cancelling will have to return it. On the positive side, as it’s only a loan device, if it develops a fault Sky should replace it (just like Virgin does with their boxes). It’s annoyingly not mentioned in the T+C’s though if the device needs to be returned to Sky at the users expense or if Sky cover the cost of postage.

Anyway, fairly straight forward to setup and because of my TV setup in my flat, I don’t currently have ‘broadcast’ TV (no TV aerial or dish and only got broadband not cable TV) it’s nice to be able to channel surf again.

I’ll switch to using it as my ‘main’ TV streaming box for the trial and see how it compares to the Apple TV box. With (basic) Netflix and Discovery+ included, I might consider keeping it going after the trial - although it’s still more expensive than NowTV + Netflix + Discovery+ (although that’s partly because NowTV has been half-priced for me for over 2 years now with retention offers) but does have a broader range of channels.

So far (about 2 hours of using it) it seems ‘ok’. No crashes etc although the box itself isn’t as ‘zippy’ of the Apple TV box but definitely liveable with (and Apple TV boxes really are ridiculously overpowered for what they actually have to do).

Hmm - so one thing I never actually considered, is that Sky generally have less Apps available on their platform than standard Android/Roku/Apple TV boxes (ie - no Pluto TV, Plex or Freevee apps).

Freevee isn’t a problem (it’s available through Amazon Prime) and I don’t actually use Plex (but I know it’s quite popular). Pluto TV, with it’s trash TV catelogue is a guilty pleasure though - so it depends on if all the extra trashy channels I’m getting on Sky make up for not having Pluto TV.

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I’ve removed the old aerial and Sky dish from the side of my house today and all the wiring. A vote of confidence in Sky Stream (and IPTV in general!) :laughing: