4K UHD - Now I'm A Believer

(Simmy) #1

So i’ve owned a 43" LG and a 55" Logik and on neither of them i’ve been impressed with 4K. It looked dark and washed out, and i’d even say 1080 was more impressive.

Just got a new 65" which has dolby vision. Now i can see the hype with 4K. It looks bright, colourful, sharp and natural. Only tested it on Netflix and Prime however. I’m yet to try a blu-ray !

What are your thoughts on 4K, impressed or not ?


:musical_note: I thought 4K was only true in fairytales?

On a serious note, I haven’t tried it properly - I’m more than happy with standard HD for now.

I imagine if I ever saw it properly, I’d want to buy a new TV with Sky Q - Which is why I’m not looking! :joy:

(Rika Raybould) #3

Good content, HDR, and a good calibrated panel makes all the difference in a 4K setup.

Now you can get 4K Dolby Vision content through iTunes Movies on Apple TV and with the BBC introducing 4K HDR trials using their (and NHK’s) HLG technology, it’s totally worth at least looking at.


I’m a Belieber too!

Oh, wait…

(Ravi) #5

It sounds like it’s the HDR that you’re really noticing.

Most people notice HDR far more than 4K. I’d take 1080P and HDR over just 4K every time. The colours make a much bigger difference than an increased res, which you may or may not benefit from, depending on how big your screen is and the distance you sit from it.

(Simmy) #6

Was referring to a series of unfortunate events ( Netflix ) which is in “Dolby Vision”

(Mark Woosey) #7

The biggest issue with UHD is that for most people the combination of screen size and distance from the screen mean that the extra definition won’t be that apparent, unless you’re a few feet away and/or have a screen that’s bigger than 60" it’s going to be negligible.

HDR on the other hand is going to be apparent far more often, as long as you’re not trying to watch TV in a room that’s got blinding sunlight. UHD does look great when you’ve got the right conditions for it, but the improvement with HDR is just as substantial without being as impractical.

(Chris C) #8

What TV did you go for?

(Simmy) #9

Toshiba, £600 off Currys