SkyQ Pixelation

So as some of you know I had SkyQ installed recently and have been delighted with it.
There is however one tiny issue, with some the OnDemand/Boxsets, I get minor pixelation every 10-15 minutes.

Live TV is fine, recording live TV is fine, it’s just the occasional boxset which has a minor glitch every now and then.

Sky are saying it’s down to my broadband, however this cannot be the case because its 70mb downstream and never goes down. Netflix/Prime etc all stream fine in 4K.

Sky boxsets aren’t techincally " Streaming " – Because you download the boxset to your box and then watch afterwards.

I’ve tried a reboot, i’ve tried changing HDMI cables and nothing seems to sort it.

It’s also no use getting an engineer out for such a small issue, especially as we’d have to sit there waiting for a glitch which could take upto 15 minutes.
On the Sky forums there are others with this problem, one of them has even had replacement boxes/engineer visits to no avail.

I know it sounds petty but i’m paying good money for my Sky and want it to be flawless.


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If you rewind when you see pixelation, does it recur in precisely the same place and way?

Interestingly enough no, it never does.
Every time it pixelates I rewind to see if it does it again and it never does.

Some boxsets never pixelate, yet some do every 10 minutes

That would rule out broadband, I’m sure.

Not sure what else can be done if you’ve already tried rebooting and switching HDMI cables.

Are there any picture or output settings you could try changing? I know that sounds a bit vague, but sometimes there are esoteric settings relating to ratio or frame rate that could be doing strange things.

Or, from the other direction, have you tried adjusting your TV settings and turning off as much artificial processing as possible? But that’s maybe unlikely, if it was something TV was doing I’d expect the whole screen to glitch and not part of it (when I first got my TV it used to flicker like mad when watching Treme; eventually worked out it was trying to dynamically manage the contrast by boosting all the darker scenes).

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I could try 1080i ? Its currently on 1080p

Surely if it was a problem with my settings, LiveTV would pixelate too ?

Worth a try. I certainly don’t think it could do any harm.

It could be that there’s something subtly different about the encoding between live TV and box sets.

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Seems to happen less often now i’ve switched to 1080i :slight_smile: