Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Sky send you stuff to send it back. They have a page saying non return costs as well but I expect the puck to have £40 charge for non return.

The Plex app on Sky Stream would be awesome.


Don’t think that will happen, while the app is legit. content on it for most people is not, so they’re not going to be opening that can of worms

imagine the headlines “Sky enables piracy through Plex”

Yes, you have to host your own server, using your own hardware/HDD, but people not in the know will lap that up and shout it from the rooftops

Sky are so terrible to deal with at times. I have wasted 3 hours 30 total on the phone with my cousin and now we are waiting for another call back (the last person didn’t call back) on Thursday to try and upgrade her to glass.
They keep trying to rip her off well above new customer pricing and it’s a farce. To the tune of several hundred for the 18 months. She has been a customer for 20 years!

Try contacting them via the website chat feature.

I remember months ago I was trying to upgrade from Sky Q to Stream but wanted the new customer offer (I didnt qualify because although Id never had Stream I still wasnt classed as a new customer) and whenever I called they said no it was for new customers. So I said I want to rightly complain about this and didnt leave until they offered to give me a number that goes to a special sales team and was advised to say that I was told I am to be given the new customer deal and it worked!

Unfortunately I didnt keep the number :frowning:

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So I have finally got a deal for myself (my cousin is still pending) where Sky Stream + 900mb + Netflix Premium is less than I pay for 900mb + Netflix 4k right now which is actually quite a good deal. I will miss the old ISP as they (iDNet) were very good but the offer was too good for basically free sky tv.

Plus TV licence if you hadn’t paid one before with just Netflix.

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We have always had the TV License with freeview usage to be honest. I would happily scrap it but the other half loves BBC stuff.

Ooo! Let me know how you get on with that. In terms of perceived quality, and even from objective testing, going from idnet to sky is quite the downgrade. Or maybe not too much of on. As far as major ISPs go, they’re probably best among them. Just a shame they make it difficult to use your own hardware. Only reason I’d never consider them.

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I couldnt fault iDNet but to be honest I was with sky over many years in the past and had no issues much. There was a case 15 years ago where a local exchange was overloaded but thats it really.

Its not hard now, well the voip part is but thats like BT and all of them but you can use any router that supports DHCP option 61 which is most I have found.
Certainly years ago they banned them and had a hidden password you had to rip from the router but now you just use any password.

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Been getting a few leaflets through the door about Sky Stream - I called up and tried to haggle a package that was suitable because at the moment I pay for Netflix, NowTV (Entertainment and Movies), Disney+ and Amazon Prime so the monthly amount is starting to build up.

I had SkyGo quite a while ago which I found amazing - has anyone else had both and how do they compare?

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Called today to cancel as not using Sky Stream as much as I usually do forgot I was in contract.

Managed to get my Puck, UHDR, Cinema and Netflix premium down from £56 to £43 for the next year woop

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I thought the general consensus on this forum was that this wasn’t particularly good value for money insurance?


Large corporation potentially monitoring my home ? Don’t think so


I think many here will have at least some of these devices already, so £40 a month? No thanks.

Quick question, I want to take advantage of the free month Sky stream is offering at the moment. But I can’t seem to see an option to quit if I don’t like it after the free month. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Would I/can I go for the free month with the 30 day rolling and switch to the contracted cheaper version if I decide I like it?

The legal bit from Sky about the free month offer:

" Sky Stream Offer: 1 Month Free Trial available to new Sky TV customers only. One trial per customer. Not available if you’ve had a free trial in previous 12 months. 1 Month Free trial begins once Sky Stream puck is activated. Sky Stream requires Ultimate TV, Sky Stream Puck and broadband recommended minimum speed 25Mbps. Sky Ultimate TV: £0pm for 1 month, then £29pm on a 31-day rolling contract. Cancel anytime. Sky Stream Puck connects to TV via HDMI port. Order by 9pm Mon-Fri or 3pm Sunday for next day delivery. Excludes Bank Holidays. 18+. UK, CI, IoM residential customers only. Sky Stream Pucks are loaned to you at no cost and must be returned when they are no longer registered on your account. Ongoing monthly prices and content subject to change. Content/shows/series available vary each month. Streaming TV account required, manage online at or via the My Sky app. Email address required for account login. Includes Netflix basic plan (RRP: £6.99). Netflix Terms of Use Apply. Access to Discovery+ at no additional cost for the duration of your Sky TV subscription (required)."

Pretty clear. Get the kit for no cost and

  • use for a month at no cost and then cancel - then return the hardware (Sky will send return packaging and cover the return shipping costs)
  • use for a month at no cost and then start paying at least £29pm for continued access

I don’t see anywhere where you can switch from the 31-day rolling contract to the ‘regular’ contract.
My advice would be to try it for a month & see, then cancel & return. If you liked it, take out a regular contract - although this has an up-front cost too of £39.95

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I’m currently on the 1 month free trial - and there’s what looks like a fairly easy ‘Cancel Sky TV’ option that’ll I’ll click closer to the end of the trial (in case it cancels immediately and not at the end of the trial). I’ve not investigated if it’s possible to switch to the 18 month contract yet. Hopefully Sky are like NowTV and when you go to cancel they come back with a better offer to stay though…

What I’m not sure at the moment though is that in my Sky portal it’s got my Sky Entertainment and Netflix package listed with ‘Offer Ending 23/07/2023’ - which is 2 months, not 1 month from when I activated the Stream puck. Does that mean I’ve got 2 months free, or is that generally the ‘1 month free trial’ runs until the 23rd July for everyone and you want be able to sign up for it after then, or do you pay for Sky a months in arrears so I’ll get charged for the first time on the 23rd July but that covers the month from the 23rd June-23rd July?

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And on the question of switching from rolling 1 month term to an 18 month contract with a lower monthly cost - the general consensus on the Sky forums is that Sky does allow you to do that but you’ve got to call them up to arrange it. Also, it’ll be a new 18 month contract from the date when you arrange to switch, not from the start of the free trial.

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