Sky Q UHD Without Atmos?

Getting a 2TB soon for UHD movies and sports.
My TV is 4K UHD ready and works fine for playing Xbox ONE S games in 4K and free 4K UHD trailers off the internet.
iPlayer and Netflix 4K work great too.

My AV Receiver however does not support atmos.

So my question is, will 4K content on Sky work with my system ?
It will be like this.

Sky Q -> TV ( via HDMI, for picture ) -> AV Receiver ( via HDMI ARC, for audio )

I was told that if i use Dolby Digital as opposed to Dolby Digital Plus it would be fine ?

I can play atmos files via my xbox one S if thats any help


It will work ok, if your amp doesn’t support atmos you’ll get 5.1 audio if your amp supports that

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ok dude thanks