Netflix increasing prices again

Meh, I only subscribe month by month anyway - I watch a handful of shows, and re-join when a new season is out

I watch this more than live TV. So much so, my Sky subscription ends in two weeks.

Will survive then on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and possibly the ITV and All4 apps.

But then, there is no one else in my house to please, so choices are easier :joy:


Snap, I’m just waiting for Discovery to get to the end then I’ll be subscribing for the month, binge watch it all from Season 1 again and then see what else is watchable in that month before finishing with it for another 6 months

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Can they crack down on people subscribing via countries like Brazil India and turkey where a sub is £1-2 per month instead of putting my prices up.


I did not know about this life hack! thank you


If you have Sky you can bundle Netflix with it and save a few £££ too.

This is terrible for my ex-girlfriend whose account I still use.


Yeah, you’ll pay £12 for the standard £8.99 pack.

Until Sky adjust their price, to account for the change.

You cannot have the Ultra pack with Sky, so if you need access to view on more than 2 devices simultaneously, it’s a no no.

Not sure where you get that from. I pay £4 and it’s not the standard pack either. It’s the premium pack that gives you UHD and multi-devices. I have 3 sky boxes and we can all watch things simultaneously.

Here’s a screenshot of my bill…

But yeah, that’s no doubt coming soon :pensive:

I get it from my Sky account bill.

The extra pounds gives access to box sets.

Here it is on my bill:

Was told not possible to have Ultra, so had ended up with a downgrade for the pack.

Leaving Sky on 21 December now though, so all meaningless for me now.

Looks like you got a great deal!

I was paying more than that for Sky Cinema too:

I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for anything from Sky :sweat_smile: I’m in the black diamond group so I think that carries some weight when you ask if things can be discounted.

I have several reminders in my phone when the contract ends on each deal. EG. Half price cinema. So I just call up and basically ask if I can have it again.

I think around 8 months ago it all changed and became more simplified and surprisingly cheaper as well. Sky Signature is one of the new packs and it comes with the box sets so you don’t need to pay extra.

I have Sky Q, so maybe that’s why there is a difference? :man_shrugging:

If you have Sky Signature and the Ultimate TV Add on you get Netflix Basic
Sky Signaure, Ultimate TV and HD you get Netflix Standard
Sky Signature, Ultimate TV, HD and UHD gets you Netflix Premium :slight_smile:

The Ultimate on Demand was a legacy add on (it’s now the Ultimate TV add on) and this got you Netflix Premium if you had Multiscreen on the account too :slight_smile:

Ahhh that explains it then thank you :slight_smile: Still not bad for £4 either way.

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I still seem to be paying £7.49 for standard.

Actually I’m confused now because I get UHD free :confused:

The Ultra HD is for Sky content on Ultra HD, it’s not linked to Netflix :slight_smile:
Having Ultra HD on the account unlocks Netflix Premium when you also have HD too if that makes sense?

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Ahhh ok, get ya! :smiley:

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I have Sky Q too.

Oh well. Keep up with the good deals.

And its a goodbye (to Sky) from me :joy::rofl:

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We pay for two £12 accounts and spit the usage between four households. For £24 a month we get a massive amount of utility.

In my house alone Netflix effectively is “tv”. My kids wouldn’t have a clue about changing channels or scheduled content.

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