Sky bet withdrawals


Anyone withdraw funds from sky bet? Usually in my monzo 12-24 hours after…none of mine have gone in ! And it’s well over the 24hr mark for one


Have you spoken to Sky to see if they’re being held their side?


Nothing to do with Monzo. Speak to SkyBet. Exactly the same as last time you asked the same question.


I get instant withdrawals from Sky Bet to Starling.


Not being held …all ‘good’ status

this is a help page …if Ur of no help don’t reply

Your previous thread had the answer:

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No actually it doesn’t.
My withdrawals always come within the 12 hour period. So after 6 months, when it doesn’t, I find this a little odd…
But thanks for the referral back to your ‘answer’

Guess you’ll just have to wait until the funds do arrive.


Fast withdrawal option is usually 4 hours, but otherwise up to 2-5 working days if the receiving bank isn’t supported in fast withdrawals.

Taken from the Sky Bet page.

As they are within the 5 working day window (excludes weekends, regardless of how fast it’s been before), neither monzo or Sky will do anything until this window has lapsed.

At a guess, if it’s usually next day latest, close of play Monday would be a likely arrival time.


I helped you both times.

I might even help you the next time you ask the same thing.


Here’s my help, turn gambling block on :joy:


Perhaps it’s just the way you go about it.

My read on this specific thread is that @Carlo1460 was the only person trying to help them here.

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Michael linked to the post where I answered the question last time.

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I’d be devastated if you didn’t :wink:

This has nothing to do with my question.