Online betting withdrawals to Monzo - Help help

Hello. Is somebody here who used a Mastercard debit from Monzo to withdraw from Unibet???

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You can withdraw to Monzo no problem at all. If you’re having issues, you need to speak to Unibet. These questions have been answered in your other threads.


A bank transfer or withdrawal to a credit or debit card can take 3-10 working days.

If after the given period of time your money still hasn’t arrived, contact us and we’ll investigate. Remember not to count weekends and public holidays as working days.

Taken from How to withdraw money - Unibet

If you are waiting on money being withdrawn, you’d need to wait until after the Easter weekend to chase it up, by my reckoning.

Takes around 2 weeks.

Unibet is bad. Use leovegas it’s has 4 hour withdrawal times

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So… Why the last three withdrawals was processed in 12 hours and the fourth no. I try to understand the logique of Unibet.

You need to ask Unibet that. Monzo have no control over it.

That’s unibet being dodgy sending it as 4 withdrawals every other sends it as one big one.

Just don’t gamble kiddo


The don’t gamble is there because he is worrying over it which gives a indication it’s money he can’t afford to lose. If he continues he’ll lose everything

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Benji. I don t have a problem. Maybe you understand or not. Indeed it is about Unibet. I try to understand them. How they are carrying their clients. Because is not fair play.

If you believe it’s unfair play I’ll suggest contact the gambling commission if unibet refuses to help.
It’s a long process and should usally be a last resort.
Theirs also a site called resolver which is useful for complaints.

Ideally tho if it’s still within the timeframe theirs nothing you can do, I also think the timeframe is working days only so doesn’t include weekend or bank holidays.