Sky bet withdrawal

Hi guys
I have withdrew £30 from sky bet today (Sunday) into my monzo account
Usually on weekdays it’s next day it’s available
But will it be Tuesday seeing as today is not a business day ?


You need to ask SkyBet. Monzo have no control over it, they’ll give it to you when they have it.

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Where is my withdrawal?
Withdrawals may take 2-5 working days to be processed by your bank. Please note weekends do not count towards the 5 days. For more information click here .

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Refunds by nature can take up to 7 days after being processed. If you’ve not heard anything by then, get the ARN from Sky Bet and give it to monzo to trace.

Monzo will tell you to wait 7 days before following up.

You can chance it being Tuesday, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it doesn’t arrive.

Why is it taking so long? Whenever I withdraw from Sky Bet to my Starling debit card, the transaction settles immediately and the money is available in my account.

It’s just an “Upto” estimate. As most are processed in that time. It’s not a monzo thing it’s a mastercard/Visa thing.

Just because one processes sooner doesn’t mean the other needs to, as long as it’s within certain timescales.

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