Skipping scheduled payments

I currently have a standing order set up every week, but on occasion it’d be really handy to either skip the next week, or set some “exclusion” dates (a bit like a “holiday mode” on magazine subscriptions). Would be awesome if something like this could be developed for Monzo scheduled payments.


A “skip next payment” option in the details screen for standing orders would be really useful.


I really like this idea. I do something similar for putting money into a fund for my kids and occasionally I put extra in as a lump payment, if it were possible to do then set the next payment to skip it would be very useful.

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Nice idea! I saw this suggested over on a thread I made last year too :slight_smile:

Could definitely see some use for this :sunglasses: it would be rare but certainly handy :boom:


Would also be useful to skip scheduled payments to pots if you’re short one month. I don’t want to cancel all my scheduled savings, just this next one! Stuff comes up sometimes, you know? :sweat_smile:


For SO Scheduled payments you can just edit the date to miss a week, a skip this week may be simpler, schedules payments to pots needs to be setup like a SO with the frequency of payments (iOS) and being able to amend date instead of just cancel.

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Sure I could amend the date, but if I have a regular class I attend, for example, that gets cancelled the day before (with an unspecified return date) it’d be REALLY handy to just keep skipping the next payment (especially from the feed “ghost” view of upcoming payments) until the class is back on.

I get that’s a weird scenario, but there are other examples that are probably more relatable! Just saves an extra couple of taps to choose the next date.


True, but then for this scenario, would you then look to have an option to say skip 1 week 2 weeks etc?

Personally either way you have to go in to the SO to edit anyway and I think editing date is easier, I think you would need to add options as above which would make the SO screen “busier/cramped” for space(depending on phone used).

No, I would keep tapping “skip this/next payment” until I no longer needed to.


I don’t think there’s currently that much stuff on the Standing Order details screen, which you get to by clicking on a Standing Order in the Schedule section of the Payments tab, so the “Skip next payment” button could go there.

The above fix (good one, @Juggy69) only works for standing orders. Does anyone know why you can’t edit the dates for scheduled pot deposits? It’s a wee bit frustrating.

It has been raised before in the forum, but again I can only go on iOS so not sure if on Android you can do this as there is disparity between both OS :wink:

Yeah, I just gave it a try on Android but it only gave the option to edit standing orders but not pot payments when I tried. It was worth a try, though, and now I know if my rent changes, I don’t have to set up a new SO from scratch so there’s a win there! :smile:

You can also schedule payments every 28 days / 4 weeks into pots on iOS you can’t :wink:

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