Payment reminder - push notification to approve

I have a couple of weekly (or monthly for one) payments that I make most weeks (or months), but not every single week. So a standing order doesn’t quite do the job and it’s a bit of a pain manually doing a faster payment each week.

It would be awesome if I could set up Monzo to create and then prompt me with a push notification to approve a faster payments transaction on a set weekday or month date. That way I would have a prompt not to forget which I could approve with a tap in the app.

(The background is that it works mostly with cal apps etc, but occasionally I’m in the middle of something and dismiss the notification to do it later, then predictably forget! Being able to approve directly I think would cut that out.)

I was going to post exactly this but then found this when searching. I have two use cases for this:

  1. I have a cleaner that comes every week (mostly), I currently have a standing order that pays her each week, but then if she misses a week or we don’t need her I have to some how skip that week, which is a pain.
  2. I play football most weeks, if I get a spot, and I need to pay the organiser £5 each time I play. For this I just try and remember but in general I forget and then pay a lump sum, which isnt as nice for the organiser.

As Richard has suggested the ability to set up a recurring payment that requires confirmation for paying would be great. When the payment is scheduled a notification could be sent to the app asking the user if they want to pay or skip.

I am surprised there isnt more people requesting this, it also seems a relatively easy quick win feature as a lot of the components are already in place (don’t shoot me down I am a PO for mobile development teams so I do appreciate size and priority!)