Edit scheduled transactions

(Will) #1

I’d love to be able to edit a scheduled transaction. Currently the options is to cancel and re-do, and whilst Monzo makes this relatively easy, it would be even better if I could:
Change the amount
Skip/pause payment (or at least change the date for the next scheduled one)
Change the schedule.

I pay cleaner, and a few others a weekly amount, but sometimes they aren’t available so we miss a week, and sometimes we change the hours(and therefore the payment), and sometimes their availability changes, so I move from a Wednesday to a Tuesday, or similar.
I know this is only an every 3-6 month event, but it would make life easier :slight_smile:


Letting people Skip/pause/change amount of a single payment of the transaction and then have the scheduled transaction return to what it was before after is a great idea.

(Richard Cook) #3

Hello! Just to let you know, we’ve now added the ability to edit scheduled payments.



Amazing ! :sunglasses:

(Adam Kendrew) #5

Will we get the ability to edit scheduled payments to Pots in the future? :slight_smile:

(Jami Welch) #6

At some point, yes - no ETA right now though. We wanted to make sure editing worked well for faster payments before extending it to other features :+1:

Schedule payments into Pots!