Pause recurring payments

I have been using repeat/reoccurring transactions to budget my spend recently and found with a number of holidays/public holidays that my budget prediction has not been reflective of my predicted spend that month.

For example, I have 3 reoccurring transactions that happen every week mon/thurs/fri for days that I commute into work.

For a normal month these work exactly as I need them to allow me to budget/predict what my spend will be this month for my travel/commuting costs and what monies I might have left over for a treat/savings etc.

However with recent annual leave/ unexpected working from home and public holidays I have calculated I don’t need X reoccurring transactions to be included in my budget view and have since moved the monies I would normally have there for my commute into a pot.

I would like to suggest 2 things here.

  1. That reoccurring payments can be paused in a monthly budget view for days you know you wont be following your normal spending pattern.
  2. That when you pause the payment you could move the predicted spend to a saving pot and if you are over budget and the cost is excluded from your monthly budget screens.



The ability to pause recurring Standing Orders and scheduled pot transfers would be really useful. It’s similar to the “skip scheduled payments” idea here:

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