4K UHD - are you impressed?

I always wondered what the fuss was about reg. 4K when i had a 43" tv, 4K didn’t seem that much different from 1080p
However now with a bigger screen I can definitely notice the difference.

How about you guys ?

I don’t have a 4K TV :pensive:

If there’s some good deals happening on Black Friday I may splash out. My TV is almost a decade old at this point. If I get one I’ll likely pick up a PS4 Pro also.

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Very impressed! Notice a massive difference. Xbox One X looks phenomenal. So does most of the Netflix 4K content.


Agreed! I love my Xbox One X. Wouldn’t change it for anything. I do own a standard PS4 for their exclusives though

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I really want a PS4 Pro but I’ve been told that there is no point getting one unless I have a 4k tv as well. Can’t really afford to buy both whilst saving up for a house and trying to squeeze in a holiday as well. :thinking:


Same got a standard PS4 for a couple of games but it’s rarely on! Xbox has been smashing it out the park!


I was considering getting one recently for the bedroom where the PS4 lives. My current tv is 10+ years old (time flies)!

Having difficulties in finding one about 38” though as the gap it needs to fit in is quite small.

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I have a 4K HDR TV with a PS4 Pro and it looks insane. When I first got the TV I still had a PS4 and going up to a Pro made the world of difference.


I have a 4k TV, have to say… 4k coverage of the world cup was excellent! Can only hope the Rugby world cup next year gets the same :slight_smile:

As for my Xbox one X, it’s again excellent… only slight mishap is… my TV doesn’t fully support HDR (8bit vs 10bit), but i’ll report back once I (hopefully) move and upgrade to OLED :smiley:


Looking forward to the rugby World Cup in 4K! Sadly it’s ITV that have the rights so unlikely! Which is really disappointing since BBC have solved the long delay issues they had on 4K on iPlayer

I got a 4K TV recently and sometimes I’m not sure I can see a difference, but other times I definitely can. Last night I was watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon and realised how detailed it looked, I could see every bit of stubble on the actors faces. Star Trek Discovery also looked amazing on Netflix.

I have a PS4 Pro now too but I only got it after I got the TV so I can’t compare, but games like God of War looks absolutely amazing!

I’ve had a 4K UHD TV for about a year now. Quality definitely depends on the source material. 4K DVDs can look awesome, Netflix is also very good. Haven’t watched anything on the new Virgin HD channel yet though. I did make a point of watching some of the World Cup in 4K and I was pretty impressed with that.

However, the upscaling from HD isn’t bad either, and I think that makes comparisons harder as I am seeing an “improved” version of HD much of the time and therefore when you watch 4K I do notice, but maybe not as much.

Not sure about Sneaky Pete, but I know Discovery was only filmed in 1080p, so maybe some on the fly upscaling going on there?

4K content looks great, though Amazon seem to be hiding it on my LG TV now, and not showing it as default. Wonder if their 4K stick will be any different.

If I am honest, I am disappointed by Sky’s UHD offering. Sport doesn’t look as good as UHD has on other platforms.

Amazon and Netflix seem to have nailed it!

Which sized screens are you guys using ? I got a good deal on a 55" and its really impressive

Also hoping for a nice Black Friday OLED Dolby Vision deal.

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I use my AppleTV rather than the built in Amazon app and sneaky Pete is def 4k UHD and it shows. Discovery may not be but looked fantastic and detailed, I rewatched it after getting the TV and really enjoyed it.

My TV is 49", a bit big to go by the end of my bed but its like being in the cinema :joy:

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50" at the mo… if everything goes to plan… will get a 55"

Currently watch most things through AppleTV’s (got a 4k one and normal one for the bedroom TV)