ATM charges’

Just wondering if there was any charges regarding withdrawals or transfers or anything like that?

Monzo don’t charge any money for withdrawing money from an ATM in the uk. Be wary though as some ATMs will charge you a fee to withdraw, that’s not monzo thats the ATM company taking the fee.
There are charges from ATM withdrawals in other countries - 3% off what you withdraw over £200 in a 30 day period.

Transfers to and from your account (via sortcode and account number presumably) are free.

I’m not sure if this is what you were asking, but if you want to know about depositing cash into your account at an ATM currently this isn’t available. Monzo don’t own any ATMs so can’t provide this service. If you want to pay cash into the account, you need to pay money in via a PayPoint (such as a corner shop). This is a flat rate £1 fee every time. If you wish to deposit cash I suggest you use a different bank account and transfer the money into monzo that way.

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In the app, tap help, type “ATM charges”, it brings up “understanding fees” help page, explaining fees.

There mostly are none, with some fair usage caps, and it depends on your account type. It’s best to use in-app help documentation for such things.

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