Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Thank you both for your replies. I am just nervous because my house does not have a doorbell and scared I might have missed the knock. We had one mail by Royal Mail yesterday for my housemate, and today our nextdoor neighbors received a mail from Royal Mail (I know this because I rushed to the door when I saw the RM person hoping it was for me but it was not). So all these, overthinking, and being new in the country made me excited and nervous, plus no reply from help chat. However, thank you all again!

About phones, I am yet to figure out the procedure here but I am thinking of buying some no sim contract or monthly prepaid contract and if the money gets withdrawn automatically I would like it to be from Monzo as I am planning to put all my money that is in my foreign card to Monzo (via transferwise so I will receive it as GBP). Will update here if I receive my card or if I have any questions.

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The card will go through your letter box - they may not even knock, unless you have a parcel too - I’d recommend getting a video doorbell from somewhere, or a normal doorbell if you don’t want that feature

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Your new card doesn’t need signing for so it will just go through your letterbox with all your other mail.

Also. If it does get lost, don’t worry. Your card is useless to anyone who finds it because it needs activating, which only you can do.

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Hi everybody,
Thinking of switching from Natwest to Monzo as I’d just had enough.

My question is if it takes 7 days to switch, how do I pay for things in the interim?
Can I still use my old Natwest card or do I need to take cash out? I’m totally stumped but would like to switch as soon as possible.

You just use your card as normal up until the switch, you can even transfer some cash into your monzo account and use that once the card arrives

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Download the Monzo app and sign up there.

How do I view re occurring payments to amazon music and others in my payment tab / scheduled, because they don’t all show here?

You would have to mark those transactions as recurring first. You can do that by tapping on the transaction from the home tab, then scroll down to the Repeating payment option and turn it on and choose the frequency of your subscription.

The transactions should then show up in scheduled, along with the date they are next due.

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Oh Great that worked. thank you.

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Hi there, I would like to receive a payment in GBP from a Swedish bank, are my BIC, A/N and S/C enough? In the Monzo Help, the uncertainty around the payment successfully reaching me is concerning and rather unhelpful.

You’ll either have to ask the sender to use a service like TransferWise or use a bank account with an IBAN.

from Transferwise
“You can’t receive payments from outside the UK, or in currencies other than GBP to your GBP bank details. If someone sends you GBP from a bank account located outside the UK, it will be returned to their account.”
Can you generate an IBAN from your Monzo account and successfully get the money transferred, Monzo Help is very non-committal on this…?

You need the transferwise borderless account possibly. Thought it worked with normal tho but probably not if that’s what they’ve said

If it’s a Euro payment then it will probably be fine, but it’s not guaranteed. Safer to use the transferwise route

AFAIU, all Transfwerwise accounts are borderless and my previous comment still stand. The transferwise account would allow me to be paid in GBP from the UK if I were living abroad let’s say, but not being paid in GBP from abroad living in the UK.

Sorry. I missed the bit where you said you were receiving GBP. I’d assumed you were receiving foreign funds.

How do i get my card unblocked?

In what way is it blocked? If it has been frozen then you can do this in-app. If it has been blocked by Monzo then you need to speak to them.

Can you please tell me how to increase my limits.
no-one is responding on the app chat

You need to speak to Monzo. How long have you waited on the chat? They take a while to respond due to Covid (and just generally)

If really urgent you can try calling the number on the back of your card

Hey everyone,

I’m facing the issue of “we’re verifying your information” from last last 2 days.
Any help would be highly appreciated.